Monday, October 29, 2012

Pudding Foot Video Introductory Post


My name is Danny Sisko, and I am the owner of Pudding Foot Video.  I produce fetish videos.  My fetish videos feature interracial lesbian femdom domination.  The femdoms I use are primarily white women, and the submissives are primarily black women.  I also use other nationalities as femdoms such as Hispanic and Asian women, but I normally always use black women as the submissives.  The content of my videos usually include things like face sitting, foot worship, trampling, verbal racial humiliation, wrestling, one way beat downs, and oral sex.

In this blog, my intent is to give you the reader, updates on the projects I am working on, and to keep you up to date on everything that is going on with Pudding Foot Video, as well as anything related to this niche fetish.  I will tell you about the girls I work with, the people I meet, and my successes and failures running my business and supplying content to this niche market.  I will also tell you about the other people I meet that are supplying the content to this niche fetish and my dealings with them. 

Although, my main purpose is to sell my own content, I will also tell you about others that are supplying similar content.  I will try to be an objective critic and source for other content that I may find, letting you know who has good content and who's stuff is weak; because not only do I produce this kind of content, but I buy it from others as well, as I have a true passion for this content.  If I find an awesome video produced by another company, I will let you know about it.  Consider me your race play tour guide.  I will also share with you my inner most thoughts about this fetish, and what I hear from my fans, about this fetish.  I sincerely hope that you will follow me on my blog journey.

It may or may not shock you to know that I am a Black man.  And for some reason, I love to see Black women dominated and humiliated by other nationalities.  And it really doesn't matter what nationality, but any nationality other than a Black woman.  Sometimes I try to decide which nationality I like to see as the dominant the best; but honestly I enjoy seeing them all almost equally, whether it is a White women, Hispanic woman, or an Asian women; I like them all almost equally.  I don't care what nationality they are, as long as they are hot.  And for some reason, I don't care what the submissive woman looks like, in fact, it turns me on more when the submissive is ugly. 

My best guess is that I am a sadomasochist, and I guess there is something about a beautiful women, degrading and humiliating an ugly women, that turns me on.  I think it is the unfairness of it all that sparks the sadomasochist in me.  I mean on one side you have a beautiful female that has all of the privileges and perks of being hot, and an ugly women, who obviously has a harder road in life because she is not going to get a fraction of the privileges and perks that a hot woman would get in life; and the hot girl is using that privilege to further inflict pain and suffering on the disadvantaged downtrodden ugly female; and do it with no remorse or compassion whatsoever.  Call me a perverted neanderthal, but that turns me the fuck on!  And for some reason, I don't get nearly as turned on when the submissive is a pretty girl.  I just don't like seeing pretty girls abused.  I think it is something in my DNA that tells me that. 

Candidly, I must admit, that I find Black women in general to be the least attractive of all the nationalities.  I know that some would disagree, but I am telling you how I feel.  And to be completely honest, I think that the majority of other people would agree with me.  That's not to say that there are no beautiful Black women, because there definitely are.  That is also not to say that there are not ugly White women, because they are definitely out there too.  But what I am saying is that in general, White women are usually more attractive than Black women; not in every case, but more often than not.  In my opinion, if you were to line up 100 random White women, I would estimate that maybe 75 I would find attractive enough to bone.  On the other hand, If I were to line up 100 random black women, I would estimate that maybe 25 would be attractive enough for me to bone.

I have my own theories why that is the case, that I feel I must say to quantify my statement.  Now, I can only speak from the American point of view as I live in the United States.  The ratios may be different around the world.  But my theory is that it stems from socioeconomic reasons.  I believe that wealthier men can attract and get more beautiful women than a poor man.  And obviously the Black man is at a disadvantage socioeconomically, to their White counterparts, so they are at a disadvantage when it comes to securing more attractive mates.  In the United States, this stems from slavery, and racism, and the like.  Back in the old days, if a White man wanted to have sex with a Black slave girl, he could do it with no questions asked.  And believe you me, massa wasn't fucking the ugly Black chicks, LOL!  No massa was picking the cream of the crop, leaving the less attractive ones for the rest of us Niggas.  So in short that's my reasoning why Black women are less attractive, in the U.S. anyway.  So ergo, that is the reason I like to see Black women dominated by White women, because they are uglier, and it appeals to my sadomasochist nature.

Anyway, I think that is all for now.  I will try to blog at least once a week, or whenever I have something juicy to report.  I am planning on doing my blogging on the weekends, so be sure to check for new posts.  Love, peace, and hair grease,  I'm out.

Danny Sisko