Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Get Out of My Town" Sample Clip

Hello Everybody,

The above sample clip is from my studio Pudding Foot Video entitled "Get out of my town".  This happens to be one of my favorite videos.  It features a beautiful thick white girl beating the shit out of an ugly black chick while humiliating her with racial slurs.  It features Betty Sue who is a real life wrestler named Kristie Etzold.  She usually gets paid to beat the crap out of men who are into being dominated by a strong woman.  When I hired her to do this video, I told her that I wanted her to racially humiliate a Black girl while beating her up.  She was more than happy to do the job.  The Black girl was some ho that answered one of my ads in the local smut paper; her name was Vanessa.  I asked Betty Sue to beat Vanessa up just like the men she usually wrestles.  It was tricky, because Betty Sue had to beat Vanessa up just enough to make it look real, but not too much to make Vanessa quit.  So in order to make this happen, I told Vanessa that I would give her a $50 tip if she could take all the punishment that Betty Sue dished out.  Also to hedge by bet, I instructed Betty Sue to start out slow and easy, and then increase the intensity of the beat down gradually.  It worked like a charm, because I think I made one of the best girl/girl racial humiliation beat down videos on the market.  I challenge you to find a better one. 

Let me tell you that Betty Sue can dish it out and has no qualms about hurting people.  I know first hand, because when I first met Kristie Etzold, I was already a big fan of hers, because she has been doing beat down videos for years, of which I had a couple of her movies.  I became a big fan of hers, because she was one of the few thick girls out there doing fetish videos.  I have a thing for thick girls, especially thick White girls.  Anyway, when I found her online one day, and I could barely contain my excitement of the chance to meet her.  I wanted her to beat my ass, so I booked a session with her.  I told her the plot would be that I was trying to come on to her, and she was supposed to take offense to a Black guy coming onto her and beat my ass.  She wrestled me, slapped me around, and sat on my face, as requested.  I even sucked her toes and licked the bottoms of her feet.  The funny part was, I met her at some cheap motel and she walked in from the parking lot bare foot, so by the time she walked across the parking lot and on the filthy hotel room floor, her feet were filthy with visible dirt on the bottoms of her feet.  I was so turned on by her and such a big fan, I didn't give a fuck and licked her dirty feet with pleasure.  I could taste the parking lot on her feet.  But anyway, she beat my ass, and was on me like a rat on a cheeto.  I am a pretty big guy, and I thought that she wouldn't be able to hurt me, but was I wrong.  I had to take several breaks during my beat down, and she even had me to the point of trembling during my beating.  But overall it was a great experiece that I will never forget, and will always cherish.

Anyway my peeps.  I am broke right now and desperately want to make another video.  I have the girls in place but lack the funding to pay them.  I have a new White girls that are ready and willing to put another Black girl in her place.  They are ready to call her a Nigger to her face just like my fans love.  I also have two young Black girls that want to do videos for me.  I have not told them about the race play part yet, but they have already agreed to be humiliated by a White girl; they have agreed to have their faces sat on, be trampled, lick feet, and even lick some sweet White pussy.  But agian, I lack the funds to make it happen.  So I appeal to my fans.  Send me some money so I can make another great video for you guys.  Whoever contributes, at least $25 dollars towards my next project will get a free copy of the video when it is done.  And to sweeten the pot, whoever contributes at least $100 will get a personalized thank you message from the girls in their copy of the video.  The highest contributor will get the panties the dominatrix wears in the video sent to them unwashed.  How's that for incentive?  To contribute email me directly at

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P.S. Thank you my fans, without you, I am nothing.