Sunday, March 31, 2013

Update for March 31, 2013

Hello everybody,

Above are pictures from my latest video, "Mean Asian Master".  You can purchase the video in my "Pudding Foot Video" clip store at

It looks like YouTube took down a few of the videos I put up for you because it was probably flagged by some asshole.  I am going to work on replacing the videos that they took down and putting up some more for you guys to enjoy.  I am working on putting out another new white girl on black girl interracial video, but my money has been a little funny lately; and these fucking videos aren't cheap.  The girls want cold hard cash to do this shit for you guys.  If all goes well I should be able to put out another video in April or May 2013.  In the mean time I am going to release shorter clips of my latest video "Mean Asian Master".  If you buy the full version of this clip and play it, don't be alarmed that the video title says "Asian Booty and the Beast", you have the right video, I just fucked up.  That was the original working title, but I found out after I uploaded the video that clips4sale won't let you use the word "Beast" in the title of any video.  I guess because they don't want anyone putting up any bestiality videos.  So that's why the name is different on the video credits. 

I should be releasing a new video in April with Mistress Francheska dominating a dude this time.  This was a video that I was able to do for free because I was trying to put together a sample video for Mistress Francheska's website and I found a guy that was willing to do the video for free.  So Mistress Francheska slaps him around a little bit, and ties him up and plays with his wiener and stuff like that.  I am not sure how it is going to turn out, because I haven't even edited it yet, but I think it will be pretty good.  It's not really my thing, but fuck it, it was free.  Anybody that knows me, knows that I like to see white girls dominating black girls.  I am just telling you this, because I don't want you to judge my work based on this video; it was just a freebie that I was lucky enough to get.  Also, in my next video I am probably going to bring in a new Domme to change things up a little bit.  I am not 100% sure who it's going to be, but most likely it will be Mistress Ivy Thornton.  If you google her, you will be able to find her website.  She is a pretty white girl who is down for race play.  The tricky part is finding a black girl who is cool with being racially humiliated.  I have a couple of black girls in mind, but I am not sure I will be able to sell them on the race play.  However, even if I can't, I am sure it will still be good because the white girl will be humiliating the black girl, but just not with the racial slurs.  But I will do my best to get it in there for you guys. 

In my next few blogs I plan to give you guys some background behind my video "Mean Asian Master", and more details about my upcoming video where Mistress Francheska dominates the guy.  Also, I want to give you guys some of my tips on how to create your own videos as well from my years of experience creating femdom videos.  That seems to be a question I get asked alot.  If you have any questions for me or just want to share your insights, you can always email me at  I try my best to answer each and every fans email that I receive.  I always enjoy hearing from my fans.  Or maybe you have some tips you can give me to make my videos better, or other resources that I could use; especially any forums, or other places for me to promote my videos. 

Also if you guys know of any good white on black race play videos out there, please let me know, because I would like to plug them in my blog and possibly add them to my collection.  But please, only if it is good shit, because I know there is a lot of whack stuff out there.  That reminds me, there is a video that I purchased that I enjoyed very much.  It is kind of a race play video because it features three Caucasian looking Brazilian girls trampling the shit out of a black girl.  It is not in English, but I still found it very entertaining.  The video is called "Black Carpet", you can find it on clips4sale in the "Under Brazilian Goddess" studio; the URL is   

Once again, I appreciate all the business you give me, and I don't take you guys for granted.  Please continue to support me by buying my videos, because the more videos you buy, the faster I will be able to put out more and better content for you guys.

Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to my buddy Chris who also makes race play videos.  The name of his studio is "Humiliating the Black Girl" and the URL for his studio is

Best Regards,


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