Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tips on how to make your own fetish videos, and my upcoming fetish video projects.

Hello readers, 

I am sorry that I have not been able to put out any new content lately; I just haven’t had the money to do anything.  My clips have been selling pretty well, but it is more of a money management problem, I am ashamed to admit.  But I have good news!  I am flushed with cash and I am currently negotiating to make two new videos for you guys, with all new girls.  If all goes according to plan, I should be shooting the first one this Saturday.  I am planning on calling it “Honkey Home Wrecker”, It is going to feature a white girl humiliating a black girl with everything you guys like to see, face sitting, foot worship, trampling, pony play, and of course, pussy eating.   The plot will be the white girl stole her black friend’s husband, and the husband kicks his black wife out of the house.  The black wife has to beg her White girlfriend to convince her husband to let her stay, and of course the White girl makes the black girl her bitch, and forces her to do humiliating things to prove that she will be subservient to her in order to stay in the home.   It is going to be hot! 

The second video will feature two hot White blonds, beating the crap out of a black girl with wrestling, face sitting, trampling, pony play, and foot worship.  The pictures above are the girls that I am going to hire to dominate the black chick, their names are Nikkie (top) and Liz (bottom).  The plot will be that one of the White girls is having an affair with the Black girl’s husband; the White girl is a gold digger and comes to the husbands home to confront him about her car being repossessed because he didn't keep up on her payments.  She goes to the husband’s home to beat his ass, but only finds the Black wife at home, so the White mistress and her girlfriend beat the wife up in his place and torture her so she will tell them where her husband is.  In the end, the White mistress finds out that her car was never repossessed, but that the Black husband took her car to get detailed for her as a surprise.  So the White girls beat the wife up, tortured her, and humiliated her for nothing, LOL!   The two White girls are smoking hot, and they are actually real wrestlers that know how to beat people up.  I can’t tell you how many times I have nutted in my pants just thinking about how this video is going to turn out, LOL!  Although this video is going to feature two White girls beating up a Black chick, unfortunately, it is not going to be a full race play video because Nikkie told me she doesn't do race play; what a shame.  I haven't spoken to Liz about race play yet, so keep your fingers crossed, LOL!

Anyway, I recently promised you guys that I would talk about how to make your own fantasies come true, by making your own videos, or just living out your fetish fantasies in real life.  The answer is simple; money, and lots of it.  You will be surprised what girls will do for money, especially when they are broke and need it desperately.  You will get the best deals from the girls that are broke, you know, the single mothers with three or four kids, on welfare; or the starving college student.  I find that girls that aren’t broke will do it as well, but you will have to entice them with much more money.  If you are wondering who to approach, it is the ones that are the flashiest, and that have expensive tastes.  Those are the ones willing to do the most for your money, because it takes a lot of money to fund their expensive lifestyles.  Yes, I know, they may appear to be the least approachable, because they appear to not need the money, but trust me, those are the girls that are the greediest, and have the most need for money, and don’t care what they have to do to get it. 

Normally you do not want to approach the frumpy girls that dress like soccer moms, because they are not motivated by money as much as the ones that look like gold diggers.  Don’t go for the women that always wear their hair in a bun, go for the ones that always have their hair whipped, their hands and feet done, and dressed sexy in the latest brand names.  Why do you think they dress like that, and are all done up; they want you to notice them so you can spend all your money on them.  You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone to approach these women.  And don’t just blurt out “will you sit on my face?” or “can I suck your toes?”  You have to play it cool, and act like sucking their toes is the furthest thing from your mind.  These women are used to aggressive jerks coming onto them all the time; and you don’t want to be lumped into that loser category.  You have to try to develop a real friendship with them, don’t even let them know you find them attractive, try to concentrate on not popping a boner when she is around, LOL!.  Just stay in the friend zone for a while until you gain her trust.  You will know when that happens, trust me.  Then you want to flirt with her slowly, and see how she reacts.  Tease her about your fantasies, until she sees that you are for real.  Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing, that I find the most affective.  You need to buy her stuff.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just buy her something to let her know you are thinking about her, like flowers, candy, a card, a DVD; whatever.  If you find out that she likes something that you can afford, buy her that.  The point of this is to let her know that you are willing to spend money on her.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t like receiving gifts from someone.  You will move right up to the top of her list of VIPs’. 

Normally, after a while she will start hinting to things she wants; and you should do your best to try to provide it to her, if you can afford it.  Now listen very carefully, to what I am about to say, because it is very, very important.  At some point she is going to flat out ask you to buy her something, and expect for you to buy it for her.  At that moment, the metaphorical hook is in the fish’s mouth.  It is time for you to real her in.  So when she says, that she wants that pair of darling shoes she has had her eye on, that’s when you tell her, what’s in it for me?  Then she will say, “what do you want?”  Then POW! You tell her your dirty little secret fetish fantasy.  But try not to lay too much on her at one time, especially if your fantasy is extreme.  Try to build her up to it, until she is fulfilling your every little deepest darkest desire.  The key is to get her addicted to the money, and once she is strung out on it, then you will find that the tables have turned.  She will be blowing up your phone asking you what trick she can do to get more of your money; LOL!  Now, mind you, this is the approach for someone you know, or want to get to know.  A great deal of my professional and personal porn collection was made this way.  The other option is to run an ad in the local smut paper, or internet posting site, for girls wanted for your fetish, with a dollar amount that will get a response.  You will have girls calling you to fulfill your every fantasy.  Please keep in mind that the more you offer, the better the quality and quantity of girls will call you.  I hope this was helpful.

Best regards, 

Danny Sisko