Friday, August 9, 2013

New video clip; "Why Black Men Prefer White Girls", Part 1 of 2

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                       (Pictures from "Why Black Men Prefer White Girls" from Pudding Foot Video.) 

Hello Fans,


You will be happy to hear that I put up a new video today.  The title is “Why Black Men Prefer White Girls”; Part 1 of 2.  It is a POV (Point of View) video with a sexy white girl named Mistress Molly, talking about why black men prefer white women.  She explains it simply and candidly, not that politically correct bullshit you hear people spout all the time.  She simply explains that white girls are just way prettier than black girls.  She says stuff like black girls are ugly and look like monkeys, as well as other racially humiliating things, with liberal use of the “N-word”.  She also talks about how all black men want White girls over Black girls.  The video was made to look like a podcast show with credits, music and everything.  This is the first video I put music in, mainly because I was too lazy in the past to figure out how to add music before.  I am pretty proud of myself for finally doing it.  The name of the podcast show is “White Girls Now”, hosted by Molly McGreggor, and the topic of today’s show is “Why Black Men Prefer White Girls”.


I got the idea for the video because about a year ago, I was searching YouTube looking for the reason black guys date white girls; I was bored ok.  Anyway, I found a bunch of videos of Black guys explaining why they date White girls.  And they all pretty much said the same thing; like “Black girls have too much attitude”, or “Black girls don’t know how to treat their men”, “Black girls have too many baby daddies”, or “White girls know how to treat their men better”.  In my opinion, what they were saying was bullshit to spare Black girls feelings, by using any excuse that sounded politically correct.  Although, those reasons are probably true, they refused to acknowledge the biggest reason; and that reason is, most Black girls are kind of ugly.  Not all of them, but a pretty damn big percentage.  And in the majority of cases, White girls are better looking.  I searched high and low looking for someone to acknowledge that fact, but not one person I found did.  So, that is when I decided one day to make a video that told the hard cold truth of why Black men date White girls; and this is it.


The video I put out is part 1 of 2, and it is about ten minutes long.  It came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.  I am not a big fan of POV videos, normally I find them kind of boring, but I was planning on doing a racial humiliation shoot with Mistress Molly and a Black girl, and the Black girl flaked out at the last minute.  So there I was with Mistress Molly, ready to do a race play video with no Black girl for her to humiliate.  So I decided to do my first POV video.  If it sells well, I will probably do more; we’ll see.  If you buy it, I would love to hear your feedback.  I recently enabled my blog to receive feedback, I think, unless I fucked up.  But please leave some feedback, I will read them all and do my best to respond.  I plan to release part 2 next Friday, which is about ten minutes long as well.  Then the following Friday, I plan to release the full version. 


I am glad to report that I have also filmed two other race play videos.  I plan to release them after I release the full version of “Why Black Men Prefer White Girls”.  One features Mistress Molly doing race play with a Black girl named Quida.  The second one is another race play video featuring Princess Daisy doing a race play video with Quida as well.  I still need to edit both of them, but from the raw footage that I have, they should both be super-HOT!  I am going to try to put out a new video every week until all of them are fully released.  Also, currently I am trying to arrange a video with a super-hot white girl wrestler to dominate and humiliate Quida for another HOT release. 


I spent a lot of money on these videos, and I need to see a return on my investment, so please buy as many of my videos as you can, so I can keep producing them.  Otherwise, I am not going to be able to afford to produce more, and I will have to stop putting them out.  I am not trying to threaten you guys, but that’s the hard cold truth.  If I don’t get a return on these videos, I am going to stop producing race play video and go main stream, just producing girl-girl humiliation videos. 


Danny Sisko

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