Friday, September 20, 2013

New Video Release: Obsessed Coon

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I recently released three clips from my latest video "Obsessed Coon"; with the fourth part coming out next Friday morning.  It stars Princess Daisy and Slave Quida.  It is racial humiliation video about a Black girl (Quida) who is obsessed with a White girl (Princess Daisy).  Quida comes on to Daisy at a pool party, and Daisy rejects her saying that she doesn't date or even like Niggers.  But Quida still comes on to her trying to convince Daisy to give her a chance; she is persistent.  Daisy continues to insult Quida and reject her advances until she sees that Quida will not give up.  So Daisy tells Quida that she will let her lick her pussy if she can withstand all the humiliation and abuse that Daisy can dish out.  Daisy racially humiliates the shit out of Quida, belittling her with all the usual stereotypes, like saying Black girls are ugly, stupid, and lazy.  She even talks about how Blacks used to be slaves and belittles her that way.

Let me tell you Princess is Daisy is a great actress, and very good at role playing.  She was so good that I couldn’t tell if she was acting or really was a racist.  I told Daisy before the shoot that if she could make Quida cry, there would be an extra $100 tip for her at the end of the shoot.  I can honestly tell you that Princess Daisy was really trying to make Quida cry, which she was able to do a little bit in the video.  It was during the face slapping scene.  You can tell that she got a little emotional.  Daisy was so focused on making Quida cry, she even repeatedly taunted Quida about crying after she did something especially abusive to her.

The video has foot worship, toe sucking, sole licking, trampling, tons of face sitting; which was a big turn on for me because Princess Daisy has one of the best asses that I have ever seen.  That’s if you are into big booties like me.  And her feet are amazing as well; she has beautiful feet; which I was drooling over while I was filming.  Princess Daisy is a fiercely hot babe with the face of an angel and the heart of a true femdom.  I will be using her again for sure.  As far as I am concerned, she did such an awesome job, and because she is so hot, she is now my flag ship girl. 

Anyway; the video also has face slapping, ass kissing, and pussy eating.  Yes people!  Quida eats Princess Daisy’s juicy pussy in this video.  I was jealous as a motherfucker!  Another hot behind the scenes note; Quida is not lesbian and has never eaten pussy before, so naturally she wasn’t very good at it.  But that didn’t stop Diasy from shouting instructions to her on how to lick her, and shoving Quida’s face into her pussy.  Admittedly, not the best pussy eating you have ever seen, but still hot because she does lick Daisy’s pussy, and because Daisy is so fucking hot!!!  I must admit, that it was also a turn on knowing that I was watching Quida eat pussy for the very first time in her life.  But don’t worry, I am going to make sure she gets lots of pussy licking practice in upcoming videos, because she is my go-to black girl right now.  So expect to be seeing a lot more of her.

Quida did a good job in her own right for being an amateur that has never done a video before.  She turned out to have a lot of potential and descent role playing ablility.  Princess Daisy on the other hand, is a professional with lots of experience.  She even produces her own fetish content; she focuses on adult baby content.  I don’t understand it, but she says it sells well for her.  I don’t believe it is the content, I think it just sells because she is so gorgeous.  She could make videos on how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and that shit would sell.  Anyway check out the video “Obsessed Coon”, I have to say that I think it is my best video to date.  Obsessed Coon has seven parts that I will be releasing each Friday until all seven parts are released, then I will release the full version.


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