Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Video Release: "Asian Monkey Sitter"

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Hello Fans,

I just wanted to give you a sneak preview of my latest video “Asian Monkey Sitter”.  It stars beautiful Asian Goddess Miki and Black Slave Quida.  The plot is that Quida is home alone, because White Goddess Mistress Molly had an affair with Quida’s husband and they are off on vacation together.  Quida is now reduced to Mistress Molly’s slave bitch, because after the affair came to light, Mistress Molly decided to humiliate Quida further, by making Quida her personal house nigger. 

While Quida is sitting at home planning on what she is going to do with her new found freedom, her plans are ruined when Goddess Miki shows up to visit her friend Mistress Molly.  Goddess Miki finds Quida talking on the phone, and making plans to go out that evening.  Goddess Miki is shocked that Slave Quida is roaming around the house and not confined to her cage, and immediately calls Mistress Molly to make her aware of the situation; telling her how her monkey is roaming around her house and making phone calls without permission.  Goddess Miki immediately offers to monkey-sit for Mistress Molly and discipline Slave Quida while she is away, which Mistress Molly believes is a great idea. 

Goddess Miki immediately takes charge of Slave Quida by putting her in chain restraints and making Quida worship her feet while she slaps Quida’s face.  Goddess Miki also makes fun of the fact that Mistress Molly stole her husband and is on vacation with him.  Goddess Miki also humiliates Slave Quida with racial slurs and referring to her as an ugly monkey, and telling her that White and Asian women are superior to Black girls, which is why her husband took a White girl on vacation instead of her.
Goddess Miki also sits on Quidas face and stands on her face and head while taunting her about training her to be a better slave when her White master returns.  Goddess Miki even feeds Quida mashed potatoes with her feet to further humiliate her.  Goddess Miki is a cruel mistress with a heart of ice.  I actually had to stop filming at one point in the video because Goddess Miki made Quida cry from constantly slapping her and standing on Quida’s face.  The crazy thing about that is that I didn't even ask Goddess Miki to stand on Quida’s face; she did it at her own discretion.  But hey, I rolled with it, LOL!  

When Quida had to take a break to compose herself, Goddess Miki did not give a fuck and was laughing the whole time; which she did pretty much throughout the whole video.  What really surprised me, is that she wasn't even the least bit concerned about Quida’s face when she was standing on it.  She was more concerned about her feet, because apparently while she was standing on Quida’s face her teeth were digging into Goddess Miki’s feet, which she found to be unpleasant; HOT! HOT!! HOT!!!  

Overall, this was a great video.  Goddess Miki is a fantastic actress, who never runs out of things to say, and she truly enjoys hurting people.

I intend to release an extended sample clip on clips4sale by Friday, December 6, 2013, and the full version by Friday, December 13, 2013.  That is my goal, if they are not up by these dates, I will definitely be releasing them as soon as possible after those dates.     

Best regards,

Danny Sisko

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