Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Honky Home-Wrecker 3 Sample Clip, and My Ultimate Race Play Fantasy

Honky Home-Wrecker 3; Sample Clip

Honky Home-Wrecker 3; Description

Starring Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Slave Quida.  (WARNING:  This clip includes extreme racial humiliation with racial slurs for people into race play fetish.  If you are offended by such content, do not continue).  Slave Quida is once again unlucky in love.  Another White girl has stolen her husband again.  Quida comes home to find that her husband has moved another White girl into her home (Goddess Cheyenne Jewel).  Cheyenne cruelly explains to Quida that she is her husband Tyrone’s new snow bunny, and that Quida has to pack her shit and get out.  Quida pleads with Cheyenne to stay because she is pregnant with Tyrone’s baby and has nowhere else to go.  Cheyenne reluctantly agrees to let Quida stay as long as she agrees to be her bitch, and do whatever she says.  Cheyenne racially humiliates Quida for being an inferior ugly Black girl, that can’t keep her Black man because they prefer pretty White girls.  Cheyenne humiliates Quida further by telling her how White women are superior to Black girls, and making Quida shower her sweet fat White ass with kisses, all while racially degrading Quida for looking like a monkey.  Cheyenne then makes Quida lay on the floor so she can dominate Quida further by sitting on her face.  Cheyenne cruelly smothers Quida while she sits on her face with both forward and then reverse face sitting.  While sitting on Quida’s face, Cheyenne tells Quida about all the chores that she is expected to do as her new slave.  

CLIP INCLUDES: Black Racial Humiliation, Ass Worship, Ass Kissing, Forward Face Sitting, Reverse Face Sitting, Man Stealing Fantasy, Slave Training, and Racial Slurs.

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My Ultimate Race Play Fantasy

Today I would like to give you my version of the ultimate Black racial humiliation video.  I hope that one day I will have the ability and the resources to make it come true.  It is something that I have fantasized about since I was a little kid.  I would love to make a racial humiliation video with the theme being from the old west when slavery still existed.  I think I came up with the idea when I was a little kid.  I used to watch a show called “Little House on the Prairie”.  It was a show based in a little town called Walnut Grove in the old west.  It starred Michael Landon, who played a farmer, and the father of three little White girls.  It was the oldest daughter Mary, followed by the middle daughter Laura, and the youngest daughter Carey.  Carey was just a little toddler, so not being a pedophile; I didn’t think much of her.  But her two older sisters Laura and Mary, they were hot.  They were about the same age as me when the show was popular and I was watching it, so I had a right to lust after them.  Laura was the hottest one out of the two.  She had beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and the face of an angel.  Plus she was thick, she looked like she had a nice curvy country girl figure under the long dresses she would always wear, but every now and then her calves would show, and I could tell she had some big sexy legs under that skirt.  Her sister Laura was pretty too.  She had brown hair, brown eyes and freckles; plus she was a tomboy.  I have always had a thing for tomboys, even to this day.  I used to like fantasizing about a sexy tomboy girl wrestling me down and sitting on my face.  In fact, that is why almost all my videos have dominant women sitting on people’s faces.  That is a huge turn on for me. 

I almost forgot to mention there was another White girl on the show named Nelly Olson too.  She played a snobby rich girl, and both her and her mother were major bitches on the show, with hearts of ice.  I didn’t find them quite as attractive as Mary and Laura, but their mean and sadistic ways turned me on.  They would have made fantastic dominatrixs’.  Oh, I almost forgot last, but certainly not least was Laura, and Mary’s mother Katherine Ingles.  She was smoking hot too. 

Anyway, this show had all these fine ass old west White country girls on it, and I loved to fantasize about them all the time.  I used to fantasize about them each owning their own Nigger slave girls, that they all treated no better than livestock.  I used to imagine the White girls treating their Nigger slave girls like horses, and riding them wherever they wanted to go on old country dirt roads.  They would be sitting their fat sexy White asses on their Nigger’s shoulders while the Black girls would struggle to carry them in the heat of a sunny day.  I would picture the White girls riding them while they struggled without a care in the world, because they thought of them as animals to be used to serve their owners.  I would imagine the White women going on long rides while exchanging pleasantries to each other while their Niggers suffered from the burden of carrying their beautiful White masters.  It would also turn me on to think that the White women would talk freely about how inferior and stupid Niggers were, and that they were lucky to be owned and taken care of like any other dumb farm animal.  I would also imagine that they would talk openly about how they trained their Niggers and how they disciplined them when they needed it, all while their obedient Niggers would listened as they struggled to carry their White masters, knowing that they would be severely whipped and punished if they even thought about challenging their White Mistresses complete ownership of their minds, bodies, and souls.  I also pictured the Nigger women doing backbreaking work in the hot ass sun, while their White Mistresses would sit in the shade drinking their ice cold tea, and enjoying their pampered lifestyle, and making dumb Nigger jokes.  The Nigger women would have to be at their White mistresses beck and call, and wait on their White mistresses’ hand and foot.  And when the White mistresses got a little horny, they would summon one of their Nigger girls to come into the house and service them by eating their juicy White pussies to orgasm.  I pictured the White women sneaking around while their husbands were off somewhere hunting or something and secretly shoving their hair sweaty White pussies in their Nigger girls faces, and making their Nigger girls lay on the floor and sit on their faces and violently fucking their slaves faces to orgasm.  And of course the White Mistresses would have extreme orgasms after years of carefully training their Nigger girls on exactly how they like their pussies eaten, and giving them plenty of practice.

One of these days I hope I will have the resources to make this fantasy come to reality.  All I need is about three sexy White girls and two or three Black girls open to race play.  And find a secluded farm somewhere in the country to rent for a day or two.  This video would be epic in my opinion.  This is my ultimate racial humiliation fantasy that I hop to make come true one day. 

Danny Sisko
Pudding Foot Video

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pudding Foot Video; Behind the Scenes, August 17, 2014

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"Stomped Coon" Update

Goddess Cheyenne Jewel in "Stomped Coon"

My latest video “Stomped Coon” is selling very well.  Thank you to all of you who have ordered it.  I will be putting out the third part of that 3 part release next week most likely; then I will start releasing the other two videos I did with Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Quida.  Yes, that’s right, I have two additional new videos starring Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Quida to edit and release.  And each one is just as hot as the previous two I have already released.  If you have not seen Goddess Cheyenne Jewel in action, you have not seen a properly done racial humiliation video.  I am serious when I tell you that, Goddess Cheyenne Jewel is probably the best racial humiliation Femdom that I have ever seen.  I would have to say that close seconds would be Mistress Francheska from my video “Nigger 911” and Goddess Mikki from my video “Asian Monkeysitter”.  Those two Femdoms are fantastic in their own right, but as far as I am concerned, Goddess Cheyenne Jewel reigns supreme.

New Femdom Goddess Candy Sweetbottom

After I finish releasing all of Cheyenne Jewel’s clips, I am going to start releasing two new videos with one of my newest Femdoms, Goddess Candy Sweetbottom.  Honestly, she is a horrible actress, but she is smoking hot, and sexy!!!  I hired her for her looks, hoping that she could act, but unfortunately, I found out that she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.  And she doesn’t have a sadistic bone in her body.  It was very difficult to get her to racially humiliate Quida and be mean to her.  She was more concerned with Quida’s feelings, than giving me, the guy that was paying her what I wanted.  I was ready to pull my hair out by the end of the shoot.  She was extremely A.D.D. and could not follow directions to save her life.  After much grief, I was able to salvage a pretty decent video.  I had high hopes for the shoot; if she only had the ability to listen and follow directions, the clip could have been a masterpiece.  The funny part is that in real life, she is a demanding, self centered, gold digging, cold hearted bitch, but I was unable to capture that on film.  All she had to do was be herself, and the video would have been a home run, but she turned into someone else on camera, and was being extremely robotic and fake; there were a few moments when her true nature came out, but very few. 

Goddess Candy Sweetbottom

The reason I hired her was because she needed the money, and I found her to be an extremely sexy woman, and she carried herself like a complete valley girl, which I thought would make the contrast between Quida and her hotter.  Plus she was a MILF; much older than Quida which I also found erotic and kinky.  Goddess Candy Sweetbottom is actually older than Quida’s real mom.  I must admit that sealed the deal for me; the thought of Quida eating the pussy of a White woman older than her own mother was hot!!!  I must admit that I am a complete pervert, but leading up to the video I would wonder what Quida’s mom would think if she knew a White woman older than her was face fucking her daughter while sitting on her face. 

Goddess Candy Sweetbottom

Like a complete, dumbass, after seeing Candy’s horrible acting ability, I hired her again to do another video.  She assured me that she would do a better job on the next shoot, after I explained to her everything that she did wrong, which was a long list, believe me.  She promised me that she would follow my directions, and be more sadistic and mean to Quida for the next shoot.  The second shoot was basically more of the same bullshit.  As far as Candy’s performance, she was about a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 for the first shoot.  On the second shoot, I would rate her about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Goddess Candy Sweetbottom

Don’t get me wrong, both videos turned out better than 90% of the race play stuff being produced by other companies out there, but based on my standards, it did not live up to my expectations.  I swore I would never do another video with her again, I don’t care how fucking beautiful she is.  Rest assured that you will still bust a fat nut off both of her videos, but you will see that the video could have been so much better, if the girl could maintain her focus long enough to listen to my directions.  I really think she has some serious problems with maintaining her focus.  To be fair, Goddess Candy Sweetbottom was a complete amateur with no prior experience; that was the main reason I gave her a second opportunity to redeem herself.  It just wasn’t in her to be a total bitch, at least on camera that is.  I gave her the stage name Candy Sweetbottom because she has an amazingly sweet ass.  That name totally fits.  LOL!

Princess Daisy Pre-Order

As great as Cheyenne Jewel is, nobody has a body like Princess Daisy.  I really want to do another video with her, because she is fantastic at racial humiliation too.  And she has a gorgeous fat ass that was made for face sitting.  Unfortunately, she is as expensive as she is beautiful.  I want to do another video with her racially humiliating Quida with face sitting, trampling, foot worship, and of course pussy eating like she did in their video “Obsessed Coon”.

Princess Daisy in "Obsessed Coon"

I would like to make another “Slut Bride Domination” video starring Princess Daisy and Quida.  I would call it “Slut Bride Domination 3”.  The plot would be that it's Quida’s wedding day, with her being all dressed up in a full on white wedding dress; and Princess Daisy would play her White slave master and would racially humiliate and dominate Quida by making her do humiliating chores on her wedding day before giving Quida permission to leave to attend her own wedding.  Princess Daisy would turn Quida’s most special day into another ordinary Nigger slave day of face sitting, trampling, foot worship and of course eating Princess Daisy’s pussy; just hours before Quida says “I do” and kisses her Nigger groom with Princess Daisy’s sweet White pussy juice still on her breath.  Of course, all this will happen while Quida is wearing her expensive wedding dress.  Below are some pictures from "Slut Bride Domination 2".    

Mistress Francheska in "Slut Bride Domination II"

If you are a fan of Princess Daisy and would like to see this video come to reality, I ask that you pre-order it for $50.  Your pre-order will go towards funding the cost of hiring Princess Daisy and Quida to do the video.  It will cost $800 to hire Princess Daisy and $400 to hire Quida to do this video; with a grand total of $1,200.  That means I need 24 people to pre-order the video for $50 to make this video happen.  In return for your pre-order, you will get the full version of the video at no additional cost, plus if you have something you would like incorporated into the video within reason, I will do my best to use it in the video.  Plus, as a bonus, the largest contributor will receive Princess Daisy's worn panties from the actual video in appreciation of your pre-order.  In the event of a tie, we will hold a raffle for the panties.  Trust me, this video will be epic and HOT beyond belief.  You can take that to the bank and cash it.  If you are interested in helping me to make this video a reality just email me at puddingfoot@yahoo.com for more information. 


Danny Sisko

Pudding Foot Video  

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pudding Foot Video's Blog Update 7/19/14

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Mistress Molly

Pudding Foot Video Update

Hi Guys, 

For this blog post, I am going to give you guys an update on what is going on with me and my fetish video production company “Pudding Foot Video”.  Recently I have done two custom request videos.  I was contacted by an East Indian guy who wanted Mistress Molly to do a POV video racially humiliating East Indian men.  He wanted her to talk about how a hot White girl like her would never date a loser Indian guy like him.  He must have had a foot fetish too because he instructed me to get a lot of close ups of Molly’s feet; he also wanted Molly to simulate performing a foot job with her feet, and taunt him about how he wants to rub his disgusting brown loser dick on her perfect White feet and cum all over them; but that it will never happen because Molly would never let a Sand Nigger touch her.  We filmed it, and Molly did a great job.  The East Indian guy told me that he really liked the video; he liked it so much he immediately ordered another video of Molly doing the same thing, except he wanted Molly to wear pink lipstick and have her toe nails painted pink as well for the video.  He loved the second video too, and said that he will be ordering more custom videos in the future. 

As a matter of fact, I recently received another custom video request from a gentleman that wants Molly to trample and humiliate a guy with high heels, and wanted to have someone lick her ass in the video as well.  I told him that I could film the video with Molly and her boyfriend Marcus.  The only problem is that Molly is kind of flakey.  I have called both her and Marcus numerous times about the custom request, but they are slow to return my calls.  I did speak to Marcus a couple of times about the video, but he is taking his sweet time on getting back to me on when or even if they will do the video.  Honestly, they both are very young and apparently irresponsible and unaccountable.  I think they are more concerned with getting high than taking care of business.  When I picked them up for the last two custom shoots they both looked wasted.  Molly had on some dark sunglasses and looked kind of in her own la la land.  It is a shame because I recently worked out a deal with Molly to partner up with me on some videos and split the profits 50/50 instead of paying her up front; which is extremely hard to do in this business.  These girls out here mostly have the attitude of “fuck you, pay me!”  To her credit, she did shoot a bunch of other content for me when we hooked up for the last two customs we did, and I haven’t paid her shit yet.  That is mainly because the East Indian custom did not sell well at all.  It appears that nobody gives a fuck about an East Indian POV humiliation video besides the guy who ordered it. 

Mistress Molly

The only other partnership video that we did that I have released so far is “Honky Home-Wrecker 2”.  I have released 3 of the 3 parts for that video already, but honestly, the sales are not very good at all for that video.  I thought it would do a lot better considering that the first “Honky Home-Wrecker” video I released was a big hit.  Either people are waiting for me to release the full version to buy, or guys don’t give a fuck about watching a White girl dominate a Black guy.  You see the first “Honky Home-Wrecker” was Molly dominating and racially humiliating a Black girl name Quida; and “Honky Home-Wrecker 2” is Molly dominating and racially humiliating a Black guy.  I think it is not selling well because I think guys want to see the lesbian thing; I can’t blame them, I know I do.  The only reason I made “Honky Home-Wrecker 2” was because I was able to make it very cheap because of our partnership, and her boyfriend was willing to do it with her for very little money.  Plus, I had been getting request from guys about seeing a White girl dominate and racially humiliate a Black guy, instead of my usual submissive Black girl.  I had a feeling that it would not sell as well, and boy was I right.  Luckily I did not have to spend a lot of money to find that out.  Don’t expect to see anymore of those videos from me in the future unless it is a paid custom request, or I can get it done for practically free.

Nite Flirt

Recently I have been looking for other ways to monetize my business, so I looked into Nite Flirt.  I found out that this website has webcaming, telephone hotlines, and the ability to sell video content.  My first thought was to set up a hotline for people to call and talk to Mistress Molly.  I spoke with her about it and she told me that she was interested in doing it. Unfortunately, she was talking out of her ass, because she flaked on that too, after I spent the time to set up the hotline and everything.  I was pretty pissed about that.On the plus side, I do have quite a bit of content that she has shot for me, and I have plans on opening Mistress Molly up her own clip store.  I am hoping that she will start singing a different tune when I start selling those clips and putting some money in her pockets.I also spoke to my Black girl Quida about doing a hotline for her as well.  Obviously, Molly was my first choice, being a White girl and all, but Quida is pretty cute in her own right for a Black girl.  Maybe some guys would like to talk to her on a hotline as well.  I told her about the idea and she seemed to be pretty excited about the idea.  I am supposed to hook up with her next month and shoot some sexy pictures of her to put on her hotline profile.

Upcoming Content

As far as video content, I should be releasing the full version of “Honky Home-Wrecker 2” next week.  Then I am going to be releasing a new video with Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Quida the following week called "Stomped Coon".  I just finished editing it, and it is pretty hot.  It is of course a Black racial humiliation video with White Goddess Cheyenne Jewel dominating and racially humiliating Black slave girl Quida with foot worship, and face trampling.  Be on the look out for that one in late July 2014.  I need to make some sales because this has been a slow month for me.  I am hoping that if I put your favorite Nigger slave girl back into the mix, people will start buying again.  The following is a trailer of the new Cheyenne Jewel video "Stomped Coon".

"Stomped Coon" Trailer

Pudding Foot Video Email List

Some of you may have noticed that I put an email signup field at the top of my clip store.  I did this to try out email marketing.  I signed up with Mail Chimp to acquire email address, but I am not sure if it is working because when I checked it a week later, I could not find any acquired email addresses.  Either nobody filled out the form or I did something wrong when I activated it.  I am going to try and look into that this weekend when I have more time.  In the mean time, if you would like to get on my email list, just shoot me an email at puddingfoot@yahoo.com requesting to be on my email list to make sure you are on my list.  The benefits of being on my email list will be getting access to free additional exclusive bonus content, and exclusive discounts on videos I put on sale.  I also plan to eventually put together a catalog of all my videos to send out via email for easy browsing.  Plus, it will make it easier to keep you up to date on everything that is going on with Pudding Foot Video.

Custom Videos

If you would like a custom video done, let me know, and I will try to make your fantasies come true to the best of my ability.  Mistress Molly just sent me a text saying that she is going to talk with Marcus about doing that new custom video that I mentioned earlier, so it looks like she is going to be shooting again soon, so now is the time to get your custom video request in, while the iron is hot.

I am also interested in hearing your ideas for my future videos.  I realize that I have been shooting a lot of similar content lately, and I want to spice things up a bit.  I was thinking of investing in some sex toys to give my videos a fresh new twist.  I really want to buy one of those dildos that either goes into the submissive’s mouth, or straps onto their face so that my Femdoms’ can really fuck the submissive girls face.  I think that would be hot!  Or perhaps a traditional strap on so that the Femdom can fuck the submissive girl, or vice versa.  Let me know what would make your dick hard; if I like your idea, I may incorporate it into my next video.  If I am not crazy about your idea, you can always order a custom video to get your project done.  I will do almost anything, if you are paying for the video.  If I am going to invest my own money, it will either have to be something I really like, or something that I think will really sell well.

Princess Daisy

"Obsessed Coon" Starring Princess Daisy

"Obsessed Coon" Starring Princess Daisy

I recently got an email from a fan of Princess Daisy’s, asking how to find her online, because they think she is smoking hot.  I tried to help him out, but unfortunately Princess Daisy told me this year that she was retiring from the porn business.  I asked her if she would be open to doing another video for me for the right price, and she said, “yes, for the right price”.  When I first booked my shoot with her to do my video “Obsessed Coon”, she wanted $800, which is double what I normally pay my models.  When I told her that it was a lot of money, she said “Trust me, I am worth it, if you put me in a video it will sell!”

I could see that she was smoking hot; hotter than any other girl I had ever worked with before.  But I was scared to book her, because I didn’t know what kind of performer she was, and didn’t know if she would try to deliver a good performance; or just take the money and run, like some tramps out there.  I took a chance and booked her, and let me tell your, she is as great a performer as she is beautiful.  She blew me away with her dialog with Black slave girl Quida.  She actually came up with better ways to degrade Quida than even I could think of.  And it was magical to see her perfect fat White ass smother Quida’s innocent Nigger face.  Princess Daisy was right on the money when it came to video sales too.  “Obsessed Coon” is my best selling video ever.  If you are into thick White girls, Princess Daisy is your girl, period!!!  I have decided that when I shoot my next video, I am going to try and coax Princess Daisy out of retirement to do one more video for me, and my fans that adore her.  I don’t care how much I have to pay her to do it; she is worth every fucking cent!!!  Wish me luck! 

Peace out!

Danny Sisko

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