Tuesday, March 4, 2014


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Hi Guys, 


I went to Vegas last January for the Adult Entertainment Expo.  I went because I knew that there was going to be a lot of adult actresses in town for the expo and It would be a great opportunity to shoot some content with some professional porn stars and possibly meet some people in the industry to network with.  I was lucky enough to book three shoots before the expo with girls that I found out were going to be there.  The girls were Cheyenne Jewel, Astrokitty, and Whitney Morgan.  All pretty well known names on the fetish scene.  I know that Cheyenne Jewel and Astrodkittie have their own clips4sale stores.  I am not sure about Whitney Morgan.


Everything went according to plan for the most part; I was able to shoot all three videos.  The only down side was that Whitney Morgan turned out to be a total bitch!  She was very impatient, had a smart mouth, and a bad attitude.  She was a major clock watcher and even cheated me out of our agreed upon time.  She also threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the shoot and cussed me out, and was threatening to walk out on the shoot.  I had no choice but to offer her more money so she would calm down and finish the shoot.  I'll bet anything that she probably does that on a regular basis to get more money out of producers; because she flew off the handle over nothing.  I will NEVER work with her again, and I would recommend that other porn producers avoid this psycho bitch!  On a positive note, she is an amazing actress.  Such a great actress, that leading up to the shoot, she had me fooled into believing that she was a totally chill and cool chick.  She was always very nice and pleasant over the phone.  But she had a bad attitude from the time she walked into the door at the shoot.  Maybe she was PMSing hard that day; hell if I know.  She is not that cute in person either.  She had frizzy hair, and kind of an ugly face that she tried to hide with too much make up.  I wanted to tell her that all that heavy make up and eye shadow made her look like a $2 whore, LOL!  But rest assured, despite all that, the video turned out to be pretty good.  


Astrokittie and Cheyenne Jewel were very cool and easy to work with.  I was a big fan of both of them before the shoot, and have been wanting to work with them really bad for quite some time.  They are both very beautiful women with absolutely gorgeous body’s, and feet that angels would be jealous of.  They both make Whitney Morgan eat dog food in the looks department, LOL!  I wanted to suck their toes so bad!!!  


I paid Whitney Morgan $400 for the shoot with her, including the extra $100 I gave her to shut the fuck up and finish the shoot.  I wound up doing content swaps with Cheyenne Jewel and Astrokittie, which was cool with me.  For those of you that don’t know, a content swap is when nobody pays the other person, you just shoot clips for each other for free.  The only thing is, I had to pay my girl Quida up front, because she is just an actress, and there was nothing in it for her on the back end.  But hey, it was cheaper for me than having to pay both girls which is what I normally do.


I shot about 3 clips with Quida and Cheyenne Jewel, and 2 clips with Quida and Astrokittie.  They were all race play clips that came out pretty well.  Astrokittie did a pretty good job, and is a great actress, but seemed a little gun shy with the race play.  I think she was a  little uncomfortable with it.  She kept referring to Quida as “Black girl”;  I had to keep reminding her to refer to Quida as a “Nigger, Ape, Monkey, or Gorilla”, which she eventually did.

 The two videos that Astrokittie did with Quida were some kind of psychodrama stuff that I didn’t really get.  One video, she pretended to be Quida’s friend, and performed an abortion on Quida using some kitchen knives, because the baby’s daddy was an asshole.  The other video was some more of the same psychodrama stuff that she likes to do.  I don't really understand why she makes videos like that, but I guess her fans like it.  In my opinion, Astrokittie is so fine, she could do a POV of her picking her nose, and that shit would sell like hot cakes.  So more power to her!  You can visit Astrokittie's Clips4sale store at www.clips4sale.com/56587 


Cheyenne Jewel on the other hand is no stranger to race play.  She could degrade and racially humiliate Black people with the best of them.  She was saying things that I wish I had thought of.  She is an amazing actress with the ability to show no mercy or empathy for her submissives.  Plus she is a totally HOT babe!  I can’t sing her praises enough.  Above is a sample of one of the videos she did with Quida for her clip store.  She gave me permission to show you guys a short sample preview.  I thought the full version was totally HOT!  This video is called “I’ll sit on your nappy coon head”; need I say any more, LOL! In this video Cheyenne Jewel racially humiliates Quida while Quida brushes her hair.  She makes fun of Quida’s nappy hair, and talks about how Quida must be jealous of her long beautiful straight hair.  And let me tell you, Cheyenne Jewel does have some very long beautiful hair, she wasn’t bull shitting!  She also talks about how she is going to a White party, and that Quida can’t go, because the party is for Whites only, and Nigger’s are not allowed.  Quida takes all of these insults like a champ and acts as if she totally understands what Cheyenne Jewel is telling her.  Then to add insult to injury, and humiliate Quida further, Cheyenne Jewel makes Quida lay down on the floor so she can sit her fat White ass on Quida’s face with her bare ass.  I was there when this all went down, and I was in aw watching Cheyenne Jewel in action.  The other two clips she did with Quida were very hot as well.  In one of the clips she put Quida in a bunch of head scissors and made Quida kiss and worship her muscles while she racially humiliated her.  And in the third clip she made Quida worship her arm pits.  She made Quida lick her arm pits clean in different positions while she racially humiliated her.  I have seen these arm pit licking clips before, and they have never really done anything for me.  But let me tell you, watching Quida lick Cheyenne Jewel's arm pits, with racial humiliation, was very erotic for me.  It turned me on to see Cheyenne Jewel degrade Quida like that.  Another interesting fact, is that before I went to Vegas, I was talking to Cheyenne Jewel about our upcoming shoot.  I informed Cheyenne Jewel that Quida was 5 months pregnant.  And Cheyenne Jewel asked how big Quida was.  And I told her that she was showing, and would likely be bigger by the time we did the shoot the next month.  Cheyenne Jewel replied “Great!”.  She was happy about dominating a pregnant woman, and seemed to be thrilled that Quida was big enough to show visually that she was pregnant.  I then asked her what she wanted Quida to do for her in her clips, and one of the things that she wanted Quida to do was lick her asshole.  Let me clarify, just in case you missed it, SHE WANTED A PREGNANT WOMAN TO LICK HER FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!  I fell in love right there.  I couldn’t believe how down this girl was.  It is a crying shame that I couldn’t convince Quida to lick Cheyenne Jewel’s ass.  The girl refuses to eat ass.  I can barely get the bitch to eat pussy.  But rest assured, Quida did eat Cheyenne Jewel’s sweet pussy; and Whitney Morgan’s too.  Unfortunately Astrokitty doesn’t allow people to go down on her, so Quida didn’t get to eat her juicy Asian pussy :-(.  Needless to say, I rubbed one out as soon as I got off the phone with Cheyenne Jewel.  It was my biggest nut in 2013!!!


All the content I shot for my clip store was straight up Black race play, similar to the other stuff I normally put out; you know, Black racial humiliation, foot worship, trampling, face sitting, and of course pussy eating.  They all came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.  I will be releasing them over the coming months, so be on the look out, and check my clip store frequently.  

Thank you, I’m out!

Danny Sisko

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