Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Video "Honky Home-Wrecker" by Pudding Foot Video

Hi guys,

The sample clip featured below is from my newest video called “Honky Home-Wrecker”.  I intend to start releasing this video on in my Clips4sale store in parts one week at a time on Saturday Mornings starting on April 5th, 2014 leading up to the release of the full version at the end.



Starring Mistress Molly and Slave Quida.  Slave Quida comes home to find her best friend Mistress Molly butt naked on top of her husband Marcus making out.  She confronts them and Mistress Molly tells Quida that her husband is hers now, and that he doesn’t want a Nigg3r ass bitch anymore, because he wants a White girl.  Quida pleads with her husband to tell Mistress Molly that he wants to be with her; but instead, he tells Quida that he wants Mistress Molly, and tells Quida she has to pack her shit and go. 

Afterwards Mistress Molly sits down with Quida to tell her Quida all the dirty details about her affair with her husband; further, she cruelly explains to Quida why her husband prefers to be with a White girl, while racially humiliating Quida.  Quida tells Mistress Molly that she doesn’t want to leave her home, and that she has nowhere else to go.  Mistress Molly agrees to let Quida stay only if she agrees to be her Nigg3r slave, and do whatever she says.  Further, Mistress Molly tells Quida that she has to agree not to interfere with her relationship with Marcus; to which Quida sadly agrees. 

To test Quida, Mistress Molly makes Quida worship her feet, telling Quida to suck her toes and lick her feet, which Quida does.  While Quida sucks her toes, Mistress Molly taunts her about stealing her man and racially humiliates Quida by calling her an ugly monkey.  Mistress Molly then orders Quida to eat her pussy; which Quida does.   While eating Mistress Molly’s pussy, Mistress Molly humiliates Quida by telling her how much her husband loves eating her White pussy, and how he doesn’t want a dirty baboon pussy anymore.  Mistress Molly then makes Quida lay on the floor so she can humiliate and dominate Quida further by sitting on Quida’s face as she racially humiliates and taunts Quida about taking her man.  Afterwards, to prove how much Mistress Molly owns Quida’s Black ass, she makes Quida perform pony play by sitting on Quida’s head on a stool with wheels, and rides Quida’s head like a pony around the room, while taunting Quida about being her master now. 

Finally, when Mistress Molly feels that she has gotten her point across to Quida about who is in charge, Mistress Molly sits down with Quida to finally give her a break.  Mistress Molly explains to Quida that she had to do all those things to her to show her who the boss of the house is now.  Famished from all the horseplay, Mistress Molly goes into the kitchen to get something to eat and finds a wedding anniversary cake that Quida bought for Marcus to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  This infuriates Mistress Molly further.  Mistress Molly angrily scolds Quida about buying the anniversary cake, and coldly tells Quida that her relationship with Marcus is over, and how Marcus is hers now.  To punish Quida, Mistress Molly tramples the cake under her feet, and then cruelly feeds the smashed up cake to Quida with her feet.  Quida obediently sucks all the cake off of Mistress Molly’s pretty toes to please her new master.  CLIP INCLUDS: Cuckold, Racial Humiliation, Racial Slurs, Foot Worship, Foot Feeding, Pussy Eating, Face Sitting, Pony Play, Interracial Humiliation, Lesbian Domination, Slave Training.  


If you cannot wait for the full version of “Honky Home-Wrecker”, you can email me directly at puddingfoot@yahoo.com to get the full version now!  I will email you back an invoice for the full version.  Once you pay the invoice I will deliver the video to you through your choice of one of the following two methods:

1.) Email you a direct link for you to download the video; or

2.) Mail you a DVD.

Just indicate the delivery method you prefer in your email.  The full version is 50 Minutes long and the price is $49.99.

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