Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Video "Quda's Baby Shower" with Sample Clip

"Quida's Baby Shower" Sample Clip

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About "Quida's Baby Shower" Video

Hi Guys,

I am about to release my latest clip “Quida’s Baby Shower”.  This is a video I shot while at Fetish Con in Las Vagas last February.  It stars the beautiful and talented Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and my right hand girl Slave Quida.  Since Quida was pregnant at the time, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to make some pregnancy videos.  To my delight, Quida was down and ready to make some money.  The plot of the video is that Quida is Goddess Cheyenne Jewel's slave; and Quida’s family is throwing her a baby shower.  Of course Quida has to ask her White master, Goddess Cheyenne Jewels for permission to attend.  Goddess Cheyenne Jewel, being the bitch that she is, gives Quida a hard time about leaving her needs unattended to if she leaves to go to her baby shower.  

Goddess Cheyenne Jewel grill Quida about doing all of her chores, which Quida has done.  So, before Goddess Cheyenne Jewel lets Quida go, she gives Quida a few more things to do before she is allowed to attend her own baby shower; namely worshiping Cheyenne’s Jewel's feet, by showering her pretty White feet with kisses.  While Quida kisses her feet, Cheyenne Jewel racially humiliates Quida and her family.  Cheyenne Jewel also makes Quida pleasure her, by eating her sweet White pussy.  Then Goddess Cheyenne Jewel sits her beautiful White ass on Quida’s face, just for the fun of it; followed by some more foot worship.  Only after Goddess Cheyenne Jewel is completely satisfied using Quida as her sex slave, does she allow Quida to go to her baby shower, with the strict understanding that she better be back in two hours, to pleasure her some more, or she is going to be in big trouble. 

Behind the Scenes Information

I must admit, this video came out better than expected; and I had high expectations from this video from the start.  Goddess Cheyenne Jewel was superb.  She is as talented an actress, as she is beautiful.  Best of all, she has no qualms about being a totally heartless bitch; and has the personality of a true Femdom.  When we discussed doing the video, and I asked her if she had any ideas for our shoot.  She told me that she wanted Quida to lick her ass.  Given the fact that Quida was pregnant; even I, being the pervert that I am was reluctant to go there.  It didn’t happen, because Quida doesn’t lick ass.  But that should give you some insight as to what kind of Femdom Goddess Cheyenne Jewel is.  She made me fall hard in love, when she told me that.  

I have worked with a lot of Dommes in my time, but I have to tell you that Cheyenne Jewel may very well be the best I have ever seen.  She truly understands domination, and knows what is in the hearts of submissives everywhere.  FYI, I have two other videos with her that I shot while I was in vegas, and I will be releasing those right after all the parts of this video is completely released.  Quida really stepped up and did a great job too.  That’s my girl!!!  Anyway, enjoy the sample clip, and please buy the video when I release it.  I will be releasing the full version first, for you guys that can’t wait; and I should be releasing it this Memorial Day weekend; on Monday, May 26th to be exact.  Please give me your feedback, I know you are going to love it, I did.

Peace out,

Danny Sisko    

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Behind the scenes of "Honky Home-Wrecker" Video Shoot

Honky Home-Wrecker

Hi Guys,

A fan wanted me to give a little background on my latest video “Honky Home-Wrecker”; so I decided to do just that for this blog post.  This video stars Mistress Molly and Slave Quida.  Mistress Molly is a 24 year old White girl that answered an ad I posted looking for girls to do fetish videos.  She responded to my ad with pictures and a statement saying that she was interested in doing some video work for me.  She looked pretty good in her pictures, so I called her.  The first thing that struck me was her voice.  It was very strong, and she had that typical White girl voice that so many of my fans like.  She sounded a little bit like White trash.  I don’t mean this in a bad way, I am just saying she didn’t sound like a high class White girl.  She sounded more like a street smart White girl.  She told me that she was a stripper, which I believed because she had a typical stripper body based on the pictures she sent me.  She also sounded kind of dominant with an “I don’t take no shit” kind of attitude, which made me think that she would be perfect for the role of a Femdom. 

I wanted her to play the role of a racist White girl, that would racially humiliate a Black girl.  Like always, I was a little afraid to ask her if she was open to that.  So after talking to her a little bit I found out that she was cool with all of my other requirements, like dominating and humiliating another girl, face sitting, foot worship, and letting another girl go down on her.  Then I asked her if she was ok with racially humiliating a Black girl, and to my glee, she said that she was fine with it as long as the Black girl didn’t try to beat her up.  She further explained that her boyfriend was Black and that Black girls always give her dirty looks and make rude remarks when they are together in public.  She joked that she would love the chance to tell a Black girl off, and tell her what she really thinks of Black girls.  It was perfect because I already had the idea of doing a video of a White girl stealing a Black girls husband and racially humiliating the Black girl because of it.  She even told me that her boyfriend was willing to be in the video and play the husband.  I was super stoked at this point.

Quida also answered an ad that I placed on for a Black girl for fetish videos.  I talked to her about playing a submissive role in a fetish video with foot worship, face sitting, and trampling.  She said that she didn’t care what she had to do because she needed to make some money.  I then asked her about eating some pussy in the video as well.  She told me that she had never eaten pussy before and that she just liked dick, put she said she would do it, even though she didn’t know how.  I told her to just lick the other girls pussy how you like yours licked.  Then I carefully dropped the bomb on her, and told her she would be working with a White girl, and if it was ok if the White girl racially humiliated her.  I lied to her and told her that I wasn’t into race play, and that it was a custom request from one of my customers who was paying for the video.  I also told her there would be plenty of future shoots that she could make money with which enticed her.  She asked me if she would be able to dominate someone in the next video, and of course told her that she would be able to play the dominatrix in future videos.  It wasn’t something that I was truly interested in seeing, but I have thought about doing some reverse race play videos with Blacks dominating Whites, just to see how they sell.  I actually do get requests for those types of videos from time to time.  And I think I will eventually do one, with the right Black girl to play a Domme.  Honestly, Quida is pretty cute for a Black girl, and I might have her dominate someone one day.  Anyway, I reassured Quida that the other girl was not racist, and that they were both just role playing.  Her only requirement was that the White girl didn’t touch on topics that were too sensitive to her like the murder of the black kid by that White neighborhood watch guy that was in the news at the time.  Sorry, I can’t remember the black kids name right now.   

Anyway the day of the shoot came and Quida flaked at the last minute and couldn’t make the shoot just minutes before Molly arrived to do the shoot.  She said that something came up.  I think she was having cold feet.  I told Molly about Quida flaking, and suggested that we just do a POV of her so the day wouldn’t be wasted.  I told Molly that I could give her $100 for the POV and that it wouldn’t take long, and she agreed to do it. 

I had to think of a plot on the fly, and I came up with the idea of doing a video of Molly playing the host of a podast called “White Girls Now”; and the topic of the show was “Why Black men prefer White girls”.  I told her to basically racially humiliate Black women by telling them all the real reasons that Black men prefer White girls over Black girls, like she had her own talk show and she was commenting on the topic.  I told her to not be politically correct, but state all of the reasons that White people talk about behind closed doors.  She had a lot of good ideas, due to the fact that she had a Black boyfriend, and of course I helped her out; being a Black man myself that prefers White women.  No doubt the topic had to come up in conversations with her boyfriend.  Trust me when I tell you, that all Black men that date outside their race eventually tell their girlfriends the hard cold truth; afterwards, telling them to never tell anyone their true feelings.  Followed by saying that if they do open their mouths about it, they will deny it until their dying day. 
Although a lot of Black men feel this way, they don’t want to hurt the Black women in their lives that they love, by making them feel inferior. 

Anyway, Molly talked about how White women are obviously prettier than Black girls.  How Black women don’t know how to treat their men.  How Black women have nappy hair.  How slavery made Black women ugly, because the White masters bred with the pretty Black girls, and left the ugly ones for the Black slaves; so all the pretty genes got filtered out.  How Black girls are ghetto and have no class.  How Black girls have too many baby daddies; and on and on.  You get the idea.  In the video she constantly refers to Black women having nasty purple pussies.  She came up with that on her own.  Maybe that is something White people say in private; hell if I know. 

Anyway for it being her first time ever doing a video.  She did ok.  It took her a while to get her comfortable in front of the camera, and she had problems thinking of things to say, but eventually it started to flow more smoothly. 

Not long after this video was completed, Quida was ready to do the “Honky Home-Wrecker” video, so I rescheduled the shoot we were originally supposed to do with Mistress Molly.  I was more confident that the video would turn out well because Molly had a chance to practice her Black racial humiliation with the POV video we did before (Why Black Men Prefer White Girls).  This was actually Quida’s first video with me.  I know I released the video “Obsessed Coon” with Princess Daisy and Quida before “Honky Home-Wrecker” with Mistress Molly, but I filmed “Honky Home-Wrecker first. 

The plot of the “Honky Home-Wrecker” was that Quida catches her husband Marcus having an affair with Mistress Molly.  When Molly and Marcus are confronted by Quida, Molly cruelly explains to Quida that her husband doesn’t want a Nigger ass bitch anymore, because he wants a White beauty.  In the video Mistress Molly racially humiliates Quida, by calling her a Nigger and an ugly monkey that hasn’t evolved yet.  I was surprised how easily Molly was able to say these degrading things to Quida’s face.  She smiled as she hurled racial slurs and insults at Quida as though she liked it.  To Quida’s credit she took the racial slurs and humiliation like a champ.  There was a few times during the video that Quida tried defending herself and other Black women to Molly by being a little confrontational, but to my glee, Molly did not back off one bit.  She intensified her racial attacks and as if she was asserting her superiority and dominance over Quida.  Molly easily took control of Quida during the video and all of the stunts.  For example during the foot worship scene, Molly was very demanding of Quida and had no problem with racially humiliating Quida while Quida licked her feet.  You could tell by the expression on Molly’s face that she was very comfortable in her dominant role over Quida.  The same could be said for when Molly made Quida lick her pussy.  She treated Quida as if she really owned her, with no qualms about racially degrading Quida while force feeding Quida her pussy. 

I was very impressed with Molly’s face sitting as well.  Most girls are kind of hesitant to do full on face sitting, especially for the first time.  Molly was no exception, but it didn’t take long for her to own Quida’s face and sit on it as if Quida was a worthless slave.  Molly did everything that was asked of her without any reservations or problems.  I used one of my old tricks with Molly that seemed to work.  Before the shoot, I told Moly that I would give her a big tip if she could make Quida cry.  Like most true dominant women, she was up to the challenge, saying “I will do my best”.  I can honestly tell you that was a major factor on why the video came out so good.  Most of these girls are only motivated by money.  And if they think they are going to get a big tip for doing something that you want; rest assured, your priority will become theirs.  I could tell that Molly was really trying to make Quida cry with her verbal humiliation and physical performance.  She truly had this “I don’t’ give a fuck about you” attitude, and look on her face.  I could tell she hurt Quida’s feelings a little bit, but wasn’t able to make her cry. 

The most amazing part of the shoot for me was talking to Molly after the shoot.  She told me that she really tried to make Quida cry; adding that she wanted to slap her so she could really make her cry, but she didn’t know if that would be ok or not.  I told her that I wish she would have, and that she should have slapped her if she wanted to.  This made me really horny, and realize that I picked the right girl for the shoot.  I did wind up giving Molly a big tip for her efforts to make Quida cry.  I did think about having Molly slap Quida, but decided not to ask for too much, being that they were both new to fetish domination.  But you can bet your sweet ass that when I do another video with the two of them, Molly is definitely going to get the green light to slap Quida’s face.  I can’t wait, it is going to be open season on Quida face next time, LOL!  I must tell you that I don’t believe that Molly is a racist, but I do think that she enjoyed putting a Black girl in her place.  Over the years, I have heard girls of other nationalities say that they liked dominating Black women because they act like they are all that.  I would definitely do another video with Molly, and I am sure that now that she has two videos under her belt, she is going to knock the next video out of the park!!!     

Best Regards,

Danny Sisko