Sunday, June 22, 2014

Honky Home-Wrecker 2; Sample Clip

Honky Home-Wrecker 2; Sample Clip

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Hi Guys, 

I just wanted to make you guys aware that I have a new video up in my Clips4sale studio called “Honky Home-Wrecker 2”, which is the sequel to my video “Honky Home-Wrecker”.  It stars the beautiful, sexy and talented Mistress Molly and Slave Marcus.  It kind of picks up from the first “Honky Home-Wrecker” video I did. 

 hooked up with Mistress Molly to do a second custom video order from one of my customers, and was planning on doing some Black race play videos as well.  They were going to be with Mistress Molly’s boyfriend Slave Marcus.  He agreed to be in a few racial humiliation videos with his girlfriend for the bargain price of only $75.  Needless to say, I was all over that because I have been getting a lot of request from guys to see a White girl racially humiliate a Black guy for a change.  Even though I prefer to see Black women humiliated, I was open to using a Black guy.  But the problem I found I kept having with Black guys was that while they were willing to do the video, all of them wanted to disguise themselves with masks.  To me that takes away a lot from the video.  How are you going to truly humiliate someone, when they are hiding who they are??? 
So I said that I will wait until the right Nigga comes along. 

Low and behold, the right Black guy was right under my nose.  I had no idea that Mistress Molly’s boyfriend was open to doing it.  They both did a great job.  Mistress Molly racially humiliated him, and of course his make believe wife, Slave Quida.  And Slave Marcus did a pretty good acting job.  He is a very talkative guy, and his personality came out in the video.  He did a great job of sucking Mistress Molly’s toes even though he doesn’t like feet.  And let me tell you, when it cam to the oral scene, this boy can eat some mean pussy!  I thought I was a great pussy eater, until I saw him in action.  He was all into it, like it was his first time being with Mistress Molly.  He was doing things that I didn’t ask him to do in the videos we shot.  Like when I told him to eat Mistress Molly’s pussy, he would finger bang her as well.  And in another video where I told him to lick Mistress Molly’s ass, he was finger banging her asshole as well.  I found out later that he gets off on finger banging girls, and that Mistress Molly normally doesn’t allow him to do it because she doesn’t like it.  But he took advantage of it, using the shoot as an excuse. 

“Honky Home Wrecker 2” is about the aftermath of “Honky Home-Wrecker 1”.  It is supposed to be later, when Mistress Molly and Slave Marcus are together after he left his Nigger wife Quida.  Mistress Molly is on the bed with Slave Marcus basically talking a lot of shit about Black girls, and how she is disgusted on how Marcus could ever be with an ugly ape like Quida in the first place.  She also calls Marcus a Nigger and tells him how superior she is to him because she is a White girl.  She makes Marcus lick and worship her feet to show his appreciation for having the privilege of being with a White girl.  Then she made him beg to eat her White pussy.  She eventually lets him eat it, and it makes for a really good oral sex scene, because Marcus was super aggressive with the pussy eating.  I wish I could get Quida to eat pussy half as good as Marcus did.

I am a little confused, because this clip has not been selling well at all.  I don’t know if people are getting the name of the video confused with the original “Honky Home-Wrecker” thinking that they are the same video.  Or perhaps it is because people only want to see lesbian racial humiliation.  I don’t know; but normally when I put up a new clip, it normally sells really well, especially when it is new.  Last year I did do a video where Mistress Francheska dominated a White guy, it was called “Humiliated Tool” and that clip bombed big time!!!  I don’t think anyone even bought the clip at all.  I thought it might be partially because it didn’t have race play; because obviously he was White like Mistress Francheska, but also he wore a mask in the video.  I thought that “Honky Home-Wrecker 2” would do a lot better because it was a Black guy being humiliated, and he didn’t hide his identity with a mask.  You suckers out there that have been pestering me to make some videos with Black guys being humiliated by White women better step up and buy this clip, because the next person that request to see a Black guy being humiliated by a White girl, I am going to rudely tell him to kiss my Black ass!!!

But seriously, the clip is very good, and came out much better than I expected.  I found myself rubbing my dick a few times when I was editing it, so it did turn me on quite a bit.  

Best regards,

Danny Sisko

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