Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Honky Home-Wrecker 3 Sample Clip, and My Ultimate Race Play Fantasy

Honky Home-Wrecker 3; Sample Clip

Honky Home-Wrecker 3; Description

Starring Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Slave Quida.  (WARNING:  This clip includes extreme racial humiliation with racial slurs for people into race play fetish.  If you are offended by such content, do not continue).  Slave Quida is once again unlucky in love.  Another White girl has stolen her husband again.  Quida comes home to find that her husband has moved another White girl into her home (Goddess Cheyenne Jewel).  Cheyenne cruelly explains to Quida that she is her husband Tyrone’s new snow bunny, and that Quida has to pack her shit and get out.  Quida pleads with Cheyenne to stay because she is pregnant with Tyrone’s baby and has nowhere else to go.  Cheyenne reluctantly agrees to let Quida stay as long as she agrees to be her bitch, and do whatever she says.  Cheyenne racially humiliates Quida for being an inferior ugly Black girl, that can’t keep her Black man because they prefer pretty White girls.  Cheyenne humiliates Quida further by telling her how White women are superior to Black girls, and making Quida shower her sweet fat White ass with kisses, all while racially degrading Quida for looking like a monkey.  Cheyenne then makes Quida lay on the floor so she can dominate Quida further by sitting on her face.  Cheyenne cruelly smothers Quida while she sits on her face with both forward and then reverse face sitting.  While sitting on Quida’s face, Cheyenne tells Quida about all the chores that she is expected to do as her new slave.  

CLIP INCLUDES: Black Racial Humiliation, Ass Worship, Ass Kissing, Forward Face Sitting, Reverse Face Sitting, Man Stealing Fantasy, Slave Training, and Racial Slurs.

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My Ultimate Race Play Fantasy

Today I would like to give you my version of the ultimate Black racial humiliation video.  I hope that one day I will have the ability and the resources to make it come true.  It is something that I have fantasized about since I was a little kid.  I would love to make a racial humiliation video with the theme being from the old west when slavery still existed.  I think I came up with the idea when I was a little kid.  I used to watch a show called “Little House on the Prairie”.  It was a show based in a little town called Walnut Grove in the old west.  It starred Michael Landon, who played a farmer, and the father of three little White girls.  It was the oldest daughter Mary, followed by the middle daughter Laura, and the youngest daughter Carey.  Carey was just a little toddler, so not being a pedophile; I didn’t think much of her.  But her two older sisters Laura and Mary, they were hot.  They were about the same age as me when the show was popular and I was watching it, so I had a right to lust after them.  Laura was the hottest one out of the two.  She had beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and the face of an angel.  Plus she was thick, she looked like she had a nice curvy country girl figure under the long dresses she would always wear, but every now and then her calves would show, and I could tell she had some big sexy legs under that skirt.  Her sister Laura was pretty too.  She had brown hair, brown eyes and freckles; plus she was a tomboy.  I have always had a thing for tomboys, even to this day.  I used to like fantasizing about a sexy tomboy girl wrestling me down and sitting on my face.  In fact, that is why almost all my videos have dominant women sitting on people’s faces.  That is a huge turn on for me. 

I almost forgot to mention there was another White girl on the show named Nelly Olson too.  She played a snobby rich girl, and both her and her mother were major bitches on the show, with hearts of ice.  I didn’t find them quite as attractive as Mary and Laura, but their mean and sadistic ways turned me on.  They would have made fantastic dominatrixs’.  Oh, I almost forgot last, but certainly not least was Laura, and Mary’s mother Katherine Ingles.  She was smoking hot too. 

Anyway, this show had all these fine ass old west White country girls on it, and I loved to fantasize about them all the time.  I used to fantasize about them each owning their own Nigger slave girls, that they all treated no better than livestock.  I used to imagine the White girls treating their Nigger slave girls like horses, and riding them wherever they wanted to go on old country dirt roads.  They would be sitting their fat sexy White asses on their Nigger’s shoulders while the Black girls would struggle to carry them in the heat of a sunny day.  I would picture the White girls riding them while they struggled without a care in the world, because they thought of them as animals to be used to serve their owners.  I would imagine the White women going on long rides while exchanging pleasantries to each other while their Niggers suffered from the burden of carrying their beautiful White masters.  It would also turn me on to think that the White women would talk freely about how inferior and stupid Niggers were, and that they were lucky to be owned and taken care of like any other dumb farm animal.  I would also imagine that they would talk openly about how they trained their Niggers and how they disciplined them when they needed it, all while their obedient Niggers would listened as they struggled to carry their White masters, knowing that they would be severely whipped and punished if they even thought about challenging their White Mistresses complete ownership of their minds, bodies, and souls.  I also pictured the Nigger women doing backbreaking work in the hot ass sun, while their White Mistresses would sit in the shade drinking their ice cold tea, and enjoying their pampered lifestyle, and making dumb Nigger jokes.  The Nigger women would have to be at their White mistresses beck and call, and wait on their White mistresses’ hand and foot.  And when the White mistresses got a little horny, they would summon one of their Nigger girls to come into the house and service them by eating their juicy White pussies to orgasm.  I pictured the White women sneaking around while their husbands were off somewhere hunting or something and secretly shoving their hair sweaty White pussies in their Nigger girls faces, and making their Nigger girls lay on the floor and sit on their faces and violently fucking their slaves faces to orgasm.  And of course the White Mistresses would have extreme orgasms after years of carefully training their Nigger girls on exactly how they like their pussies eaten, and giving them plenty of practice.

One of these days I hope I will have the resources to make this fantasy come to reality.  All I need is about three sexy White girls and two or three Black girls open to race play.  And find a secluded farm somewhere in the country to rent for a day or two.  This video would be epic in my opinion.  This is my ultimate racial humiliation fantasy that I hop to make come true one day. 

Danny Sisko
Pudding Foot Video

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