Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pudding Foot Video Sample Clip and Updates 1/13/15

"Foot Sucking Ape" Sample Clip

Starring Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Slave Quida.  (WARNING; this clip includes extreme Black racial humiliation, with racial slurs, for those into race play fetish.  If you are offended by such content, do not continue).  It’s Quida’s dinnertime and Goddess Cheyenne Jewel is gracious enough to serve Quida chocolate pudding pie to eat.  And because Quida has been such a very good, well-behaved slave; Goddess Cheyenne is nice enough to feed the pudding pie to Quida with her beautiful superior White feet.  Quida sucks the pie off of Goddess Cheyenne’s feet like a good slave, while making a mess of her face.  Goddess Cheyenne racially humiliates and ridicules Quida while she licks the delicious pie off of her feet, by calling Quida a dumb Nigg3r, and referring to her as her hungry pet monkey, as well as many other demeaning names.  Quida is made to look like a complete fool in this video as usual.  As a special bonus you will see a never before behind the scenes look at Quida complaining about having to suck pudding off of a White girls feet at the end of the video. 

CLIP INCLUDES: Black Racial Humiliation, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Foot Feeding, and Racial Slurs. 

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Hi Guys, 

Nikki Ford Update

Well it things didn't work out for doing a video with adult model Nikki Ford.  It turns out that she was not willing to play a submissive in race play videos after all.  So I had to scratch her off the list for now.  Someone told her that I had pictures of her up on my blog, and she emailed me asking me to take them down, so I did.  FYI, I did tell her that I was going to put her pictures on my website to try and get her custom gigs, but I guess I left out the part about my blog being about Black racial humiliation; my bad!  I assumed that she was down for racial humiliation because I found a video of her online sucking a group of White guys dicks with them all taking turns spooging all over her face.  And I think some of the guys were even wearing rebel flag attire, so I assumed she was open to doing race play videos.  I thought that video was a race play video!  I guess I was wrong.      

She is a pretty Black girl; so maybe I will try to get her to do a video for me in the future in a dominant role, maybe, racially humiliating a White girl.  Honestly, she is hot enough to pull it off.  Also, I am curious how a video like that would sell.  Some people leave me comments saying that they would like to see a Black girl dominating a White girl.  

Ophelia Update

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that I was offering to do custom videos starring Ophelia and Quida.  I had a custom order all ready to go, and I was trying to maximize the shoot by booking some other customs for the same day with the two ladies.  I think I scared Ophelia away because the custom customer had a pretty detailed script for Ophelia to perform.  I think she lost her patience with all of the details involved and started looking for a way out.  I say this because she just started picking arguments with me for no reason, and making unreasonable demands on me, and being irrational.  Then a couple of days before the shoot she told me that she had a yeast infection and wouldn't be able to do the shoot for about three weeks.  When I told the custom client this, he told me he was willing to wait for Ophelia's yeast infection to go away because he was a big fan of hers, and really wanted her to do the video for him.  I expressed my concerns to him about her erratic behavior and how I felt that she was unreliable, and that she was using the yeast infection as an excuse to get out of the shoot.  I felt this way because she immediately started suggesting other girls to use for the shoot as she was telling me about her yeast infection.

After I told Ophelia that the customer was willing to wait for her, she told me that her manager found out about the shoot and advised her not to do any race play movies anymore; yeah right!!!  This girl has done about a million race play videos in the past already, whats one more.  She also asked me to take her pictures off of my blog, even though I cleared that with her when she first answered my ad for an adult actresses.  I told her that I was going to put her pictures up to drum up more business.  To be fair, some of the pictures I put up of her are pictures that I found online, and she wanted me to take them down because they were the property of that photographer, and I didn't have permission to use them.  But she wanted all her pictures taken down; so I took them down.  I was really bummed out about not being able to make that video, because she appeared to have a lot of experience with race play videos from working with "Nigger Race Play Humiliation's" clip store.  So unfortunately, the fans will have to watch her perform her weak POV clips for them, instead of getting down and dirty like we do at "Pudding Foot Video".

I wound up getting Goddess Sweetbottom another opportunity to come in and pinch hit for Ophelia for the custom clip.  She was hell to work with, but when the shoot was all said and done, and a ton of editing, I think I made a pretty good custom video for the client.  At least he said he was happy with it.  The name of the custom video we did was titled "Ms. Stocking Stuffer".  It is a custom lesbian race play clip with emphasis on pantyhose, because the custom client had a huge pantyhose fetish.  That video is edited and ready to go, but I will not be releasing it until probably a few months from now, because I have other stuff I would like to release first.  If you can't wait to see it, drop me an email and I will sell it to you early through electronic download. 

Introducing Mistress Anggie

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; I have met a new Mistress named Mistress Anggie who is down to do custom videos for me.  I have seen some of her work, and she amazing.  She blew my socks off.  She is a very good role player, and has a mouth piece on her.  She can talk shit with the best of them; and she is hella sexy too!  She is ready to make all of your custom video dreams come true.  Get ready to see a lot of her in the future, she might just very well be my new flag ship girl.  She seems to be really down for your boy; and we have been spending a lot of time on the phone, so we are getting close.


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