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Pudding Foot Video's March 2015 Update, Featuring Free Sample Clip.

"My Wife Wants Black Pussy", Sample clip

"My Wife Wants Black Pussy", Description:

Starring Mistress Quida and Switch Anggie.  Anggie is a White housewife who has always had a secret that she hasn’t told anyone about, not even her husband.  Her secret is that although she has never been with another woman, she has always been attracted to women and has always had lustful thoughts of eating a woman’s pussy.  But not just any pussy, she has always craved Black pussy.  She decides that it is time she fulfilled her deep dark desire, so she calls an escort service to request them to send out an African American prostitute to her.  Anggie doesn’t have to wait long before there is a knock at the door.  It is the Black prostitute (Mistress Quida) that she requested.  Anggie invites the Black Prostitute in to discuss her desires and what she wants to do to her.  Anggie notices that Quida is very trashy, rude, and ghetto, but she doesn’t let that deter her from completing her mission to finally taste Black pussy.  After they agree on a price and the trick, Quida strips naked and with extreme delight Anggie begins to passionately lick Quida’s sweet Black ghetto pussy.  As Anggie licks Quida’s pussy, Quida humiliates Anggie by calling her a dirty whore, and taunting her about all the Johns’ that came in her pussy before she got there.  Anggie is unfazed by Quida’s banter, and continues to enjoy eating the Black whore's pussy.

CLIP INCLUDES:  Lesbian Pussy Eating, Interracial Domination, Lesbian Domination, Prostitute Role Play Fantasy, and Slave Training.    

Producer Danny Sisko's Take

Although I am partial to White girls dominating Black girls, I wanted to try it the other way around, with a Black girl dominating a White girl.  I had three main reasons for trying this.  One, Quida has been asking me for a long time when she will get to play the femdom, and I felt a little guilty for putting her through the ringer as a submissive for most of my videos.  Quida has been my best girl for a while; she is a loyal soldier, and has expressed a genuine interest in helping my production studio to succeed.  Secondly, I was curious how she would do in a dominant role.  And third, and most importantly, from time to time I get messages from different guys wanting to see the Black girl in the dominant role, and I have always been curious how that scenario would sell.

Honestly, I wanted to try it with a much hotter Black chick than Quida, but Quida is not bad looking, and I felt that she paid her dues.  If you are a fan of my videos, you know very well how she has paid her dues dearly, LOL!  Overall, I think she delivered a pretty good performance.  I actually found myself getting very horny while editing and watching the video.  I am not ashamed to admit, that I rubbed a couple out to this video.  It kind of surprised me that I got so horny watching the video, because I have always preferred a White woman in the dominant role.  I think it was mainly because the submissive girl Anggie was so good at her role as playing the submissive, not to mention that she was licking the shit out of Quida's pussy very aggressively, which I always find extremely erotic.  Anggie was licking the fuck out of Quida's pussy, and you can easily tell that Quida was enjoying the fuck out of it.

If only Quida could eat pussy like Anggie; that would be epic!  The reason that Anggie is so much better at eating pussy is because she is actually bisexual, and enjoys eating pussy, while Quida is not bisexual, and really doesn't like doing it.  When Quida is licking a girls pussy, I have to constantly stay on her about licking the pussy more aggressively and to try and make the girl cum.  Quida is always trying to fake it, and doesn't understand the importance of doing real and passionate pussy licking.  She is improving though, because I think it is finally sinking in her thick head.  I constantly explain to Quida that she has to sell whatever it is that she is doing; whether it be pussy licking or toe sucking; I tell her to just pretend that she loves that shit!  I also constantly try to remind her that the better job she does, the more my clips will sell, resulting in me making more money to hire her more frequently and pay her more.

As a side note I recently met Quida's older sister who is also interested in making videos.  And she will be perfect, because she is bigger and uglier than Quida, which will play out well with the race play.  The only problem is that she pregnant right now, so I will have to wait until she has the baby until I can sic my beautiful White femdoms on her.  This may shock you to hear, but Quida has also told me that her Mom wants to do some videos to make some money too.  You see, Quida obviously comes from a long line of Ho's, and I plan on capitalizing on it.  It is one of my big goals to do some mother/daughter and sister/sister fetish videos where I will have a sexy White Goddess dominate all of them together.  Tell me that wouldn't be the hottest thing you ever saw.  Imagine a sadistic and sexy White femdom racially humiliating Quida and her Mom simultaniously while they are each worshiping one of the White Goddess's feet; with both Quida and her Mom having one foot each to lick and worship together.  That would be totally fucking awesome right!!!  Please check back with me frequently, because I intend on putting out some shit that will blow your fucking mind in the coming months.

Producer Danny Sisko's Review of Year 2014

2014 was a great year for me.  I doubled my sales over the previous year, and January and February of this year was twice that of the previous year.  I was pretty much on hiatus in February because I was busy doing my bookkeeping and taxes, so my sales dipped in March from lack of activity.  I learned a lot from doing my bookkeeping, because after I was done, I really took some time to analyze my sales for year 2014 to figure out what I did right and what I did wrong in 2014.

First, I found out that my customers really liked to my full version videos over the individual parts of the full version.  The full version sales were overwhelmingly higher.  Therefore, I have decided to release the full versions first, instead of making my customers wait for the full version after I release all of the individual parts first.  Secondly, I found that when I release parts of my clips in other fetish categories, it really ramps up sales because I reach a broader audience.  Therefore, I am now going to release parts of the full version in their respective fetish categories.  For example, if I release a full version with face sitting, pussy eating, and foot worship; I am going to release each fetish in their respective categories; I will release pussy eating in the pussy eating category, and face sitting in the face sitting category, and so on.  That way I am not only covering my main category which is interracial domination, but I will be covering the face sitting, pussy eating, and foot worship categories as well.  So, now my customers that only like face sitting and not the other fetishes, can pay for only what they want out of the full version instead of having to purchase the full version.  So when you are in my clip store, make sure you check my other categories for more great clips.

After analyzing my sales I also learned what my top sellers were for year 2014.  They are listed below in order.

Pudding Foot Video's Top Sellers in Year 2014

Starring Princess Daisy & Slave Quida

Starring Cheyenne Jewel & Slave Quida

Starring Mistress Molly & Slave Quida

Links to our top selling clips are conveniently located at the top of the Pudding Foot Video clip store.  

Do You Want a Custom Made Clip?

We offer custom fetish clips.  If you like our clips, but want it customized more to your preferences, we can do that for you.  We specialize in lesbian interracial domination and humiliation with activities like foot worship, face sitting, trampling, racial humiliation, pussy eating, and beat downs; but we are open to other fetishes as well within reason.  I am very open minded and nonjudgmental, so if you have a fantasy you would like for us to fulfill, email us your idea and we will give you a quote on how much it will cost to make.  Price quotes normally range from $200 to $600 per performer depending on what you want the performers to do, and the time involved in making the video.  


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