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New Pudding Foot Video Sample Clip "Kicking Black Ass" and behind the scenes commentary


"Kicking Black Ass" Sample Clip

Starring Andrea Rosu and Slave Quida.  Quida is visiting her best friend Andrea Rosu and they are sitting on the couch having girl talk when Quida makes a comment about Black girls being tougher than White girls.  Andrea, being a White girl, takes exception to Quida’s comment, and the two begin to argue about who are better fighters, White girls, or Black girls.  Andrea begins to get very angry and challenges Quida to a fight to prove her point that White girls are just as tough, if not tougher than Black girls.  Quida takes Andrea’s challenge as joke, which pisses Andrea off ever further, and before you know it, Andrea jumps Quida and begins beating her up.  Quida doesn’t take Andrea seriously until Andrea starts to really rough her up with chokeholds, and leg scissors.  Quida tries to fight back, but she is overpowered by Andrea, who puts on a wrestling clinic; punishing Quida with arm bars, figure four leg scissors, face slapping, and the dreaded camel clutch. 
Quida submits, but Andrea is not done with her, and further punishes Quida with face sitting and more sexy wrestling submission holds, until Quida is broken and admits that White girls are tougher than Black girls.  Andrea, being the sadistic bitch that she is, makes Quida worship her pretty White feet with kisses and foot licking to humiliate Quida even further while taunting Quida about her victory.  Eventually Quida starts to mouth off again, and Andrea responds by beating the living hell out of Quida with punches to the stomach and face, and knees to the stomach.  Only after Quida is begging for mercy does Andrea decide to put Quida out of her misery by sitting on her face and leg scissoring her until she is out cold.  After Andrea admires her handy work, she humiliates Quida by doing victory muscle poses while standing on Quida’s body and head before she walks off laughing.  Andrea Rosu was outstanding in this video.  I believe that this is the best video I have ever made, bar none!  I absolutely love this video, and I am sure you will too!    


Cat Fighting, Foot Worship, Face Sitting, Face Slapping, Interracial Domination, Lesbian Domination, Female Wrestling, Body Leg Scissors, Head Leg Scissors, Humiliation, Camel Clutch, Knees to the Stomach, Punches to the Face and Stomach, and Rear Naked Chokeholds.

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"My Wife Wants White Pussy" 

My Wife Wants White Pussy; Full Version Description:

Starring Mistress Anggie and Quida.  Quida is a Black housewife with a secret that nobody knows.  Her secrete is that she has always had a hidden desire to be with another woman and eat her pussy.  But not just any pussy, she wants to eat White pussy.  Since she is home alone, she decides that it’s time to make her dreams come true, so she calls an escort service and request that they send over a White female prostitute.  Before long there is a knock at the door; it’s the prostitute Quida requested.  Quida invites the prostitute (Mistress Anggie) in.  Quida immediately notices that Anggie looks like a trashy street whore, but she doesn’t let that dissuade her from her goal of finally being able to eat beautiful White pussy.  They negotiate a price and before you know it, Quida has her face buried in the White street whores pussy.  Anggie is very ghetto and rude, and degrades Quida while she eats her pussy.  Anggie tells Quida that she is a nasty hoe, and questions Quida about her husband knowing that she likes eating White pussy.  Quida tells the whore that it’s a secret that she doesn’t want her husband and family to know about.  

Before long Quida gets more than she bargains for, because Anggie is very picky and demanding about how she wants her pussy eaten.  Anggie begins to face fuck Quida, while rudely telling Quida about all the johns that came in her pussy just before coming over.  Anggie also tells Quida how she wants to cum all over her mouth, and how she better lick her pussy good enough to make her cum.  Quida tries her best to please the street whore, but Anggie pussy is unquenchable.  After a while Anggie gets frustrated about not being able to cum in Quida’s mouth, so she makes Quida put on a face dildo, and then straddles Quida’s face while fucking the dildo.  Anggie aggressively face fucks Quida, while Quida does her best to bring Anggie to a climax with her tongue.  Eventually Anggie has a huge climatic orgasm all over Quida’s mouth, and then leaves abruptly to go see her next john.

CLIP INCLUDES: Interracial Domination, Lesbian Domination, Face Fucking, Face Dildo Fucking, Lesbian Pussy Eating, Face Sitting, Prostitute Role Play, Verbal Humiliation, and White Pussy Worship.       

Producer's Commentary

I had a blast filming this video, because Andrea Rosu was a joy to work with.  She followed directions very well and was a very good actress.  She is excellent at improvisation as well as creativity.  Quida was very good in her own right.  Both of their acting was so good, that I really thought they were going at it for real.  I really thought that Andrea was trying to fuck Quida up.  And I also really thought Quida was in pain, and getting pissed off at Andrea.  I found out later after talking to both of them that they were both very in control of their emotions, but were trying to sell the action, although Andrea did legitimately rough Quida up in the video.  When I was planning the video with her, I asked her to go hard on Quida, and she said that she loved to go hard on people and that it would not be a problem for her.  Boy was she right!  You could tell by Andrea’s moves in the video that she had some legitimate fighting experience, by the way she transitions to different wrestling holds so effortlessly.  She even sunk in an arm bar on Quida, which she appeared to be really cranking on.  That was a tell tell sign of Andrea’s fighting sophistication.  And during the striking scenes she was throwing punches as though she had some professional training.  She did not punch like a girl by any means.  And the way that she would laugh and smile while beating Quida up, I could tell that she was enjoying herself and having genuine fun.

At this same shoot I did a second video that I think I am going to call “Slut Bride Domination 3”.  Slut Bride Domination is a video I did a few years ago with two other girls; Mistress Francheska and Slave Coco.  It is about a Black girl getting dominated and humiliated on her wedding day by her White Goddess Master.  Mistress Francheska humiliated Bride Coco with face sitting, trampling, foot worship, face slapping, and pussy eating.  For some reason I have always fantasized about a White girl doing these things to a Black Bride on her wedding day.  The fact that a girls wedding day is supposed to be the most special day in a girl’s life is ruined and flipped upside down by a sexy dominant cruel Dominatrix abusing and humiliating an innocent bride on her wedding day has always got me extremely horny.  The fact that I finally made that fantasy come to life in a video put me in sheer ecstasy.  The original one was pretty long, so I split it up into two videos; “Slut Bride Domination 1” and “Slut Bride Domination 2”.

I did another rendition of this video with super sexy Andrea Rosu and innocent slave Quida.  This video had pretty much everything the first two had, minus the pussy eating.  Sorry guys, but I couldn’t get the girls tested in time to make that happen.  But it still has face sitting, trampling, face slapping and foot worship, domination, and humiliation.  So be on the look out for “Slut Bride Domination 3”, it should be the next new video that I release.      
Andrea Rosu
I desperately want to do another video with Andrea and Quida, but next time I want to see Quida eat Andrea’s fat juicy pussy.  After my first shoot with Andrea I spoke with her about it briefly, and she said that she was down to let Quida eat her pussy.  And Quida has agreed to eat Andrea’s pussy as well.  During the video shoot I got a few sneak peaks at Andrea’s pussy while shooting the video, and let me tell you, she has a BIG FAT PUSSY!  Quida commented “it looked like a bowl of spaghetti”.  I didn’t get a lot of time to examine it up close, but from where I was standing it looked unusually large, with long droopy pussy lips.  It looked as though someone the size of John Homes had been pounding the fuck out of her pussy for a long time.  I say this with no disrespect to Andrea Rosu at all; because I think she is one of the most gorgeous and talented girls that I have seen in a long time.  I have nothing but respect for her.  But she has a big fat sloppy juicy looking pussy.  That being said I like a big fat sloppy pussy; I think it’s sexy.  And I would lick the lining out of her fat pussy if she allowed me to, and I would love every second of it!  

So anyway, it is one of my very important goals to make a video with Quida eating Andrea’s pussy in the near future, if possible.  And I will make sure that Quida is licking the shit out of Andrea’s fat pussy.  That shit will probably be so good that I might have to retire after that, because there is no way I will be able to top that in my opinion.  The only thing I can think of that would even come close is to see Quida eating Savannah Fox’s pussy.  That girl is super sexy too, and she can wrestle to boot.  She is pretty pricey, but one of these days I am going to book her ass.  I don’t care how much it is going to cost me.  That needs to happen! 

Savannah Fox


Danny Sisko
Producer / Director
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