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Pudding Foot Blog Post
Producer Danny Sisko's Commentary

Since my last blog post I released a new video called "Slut Bride Domination 3".  This video stars the beautiful and talented Goddess Andrea Rosu and the beautifully submissive Slave Quida.  The description is below:

"Slut Bride Domination 3; Full Version" 

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Video Description:
Starring Mistress Andrea Rosu and Slave Quida.  It’s Slave Quida’s wedding day, but before she can go to her wedding and marry her fiancĂ©, Quida has to get permission from her master Mistress Andrea Rosu.  When Quida asks Andrea for permission to leave, Andrea selfishly tells Quida that she cannot go to her wedding and get married today because she has too many chores to do for her that are more important than Quida’s wedding.  Quida is severely disappointed and begs Andrea to allow her to go and get married.  But Andrea doesn’t care, and cruelly humiliates Quida about looking ridiculous in her wedding dress; telling Quida that nobody in their right mind would want to marry her anyway.  Quida’s pleading to go to her wedding begins to annoy Andrea to the point where Andrea decides to punish Quida with full weight face sitting to shut her up.  
After Andrea is done sitting on Quida’s face, Quida tries to reason with Andrea further about being allowed to attend her own wedding.  Andrea then decides to trample Quida in her wedding dress to teach her a lesson about not putting Andrea’s needs first.  After Quida is trampled to the point of submission, Andrea makes her crawl away on the floor to do her house chores while wearing her wedding dress.  Quida washes the dishes, mops the floor, and is even forced to pull weeds in Andrea’s back yard, all while wearing her wedding dress, which Andrea makes sure is completely ruined.  
After Quida’s chores are done she is forced to clean Andrea’s stinky sweaty feet with her tongue, followed by being made to kiss and lick Andrea’s perfect fat ass.  After that, Andrea, being unsatisfied with Quida’s ass worship, decides to punish Quida further with more brutal face sitting, cruelly smothering Quida with her big and sexy bare ass.  Once Andrea feels that Quida is completely broken from the idea of getting married, Andrea decides to have some fun with Quida, using her for pony play by riding her head around the room while sitting on a rolling stool. 

While Andrea is sitting on Quida’s head enjoying the ride; Andrea finally decides to allow Quida to go to her wedding after all; and even decides to attend the wedding with Quida.  Andrea cruelly instructs Quida to ride her down to the wedding chapel while sitting on Quida’s head.  While riding Quida to the wedding chapel Andrea taunts Quida by telling her to hurry up so she won’t be late to the wedding, and jokes about the fact that she will have the best seat at the wedding, by using Quida’s head as her chair! 

CLIP INCLUDES:  Bride Humiliation Fantasy, Face Sitting, Face Slapping, Foot Worship, Ass Worship, Pony Play, Rolling Stool Head Riding, Trampling, Interracial Domination, Verbal Humiliation, and Slave Labor.  

If you like the plot of a Black bride being dominated and humiliated by her White Mistress on her wedding day, you should check out our other two "Slut Bride Domination" videos.  They both star the beautiful and sadistic Mistress Francheska and Slave girl Coco.  They are listed below; click on the title to go directly to the video.
"Slut Bride Domination"
"Slut Bride Domination 2"
Another clip by the beautiful Andrea Rosu that you might want to check out is "Kicking Black Ass".  The description to this video is below.

Video Description:

Starring Andrea Rosu and Slave Quida.  Quida is visiting her best friend Andrea Rosu and they are sitting on the couch having girl talk when Quida makes a comment about Black girls being tougher than White girls.  Andrea, being a White girl, takes exception to Quida’s comment, and the two begin to argue about who are better fighters, White girls, or Black girls.  Andrea begins to get very angry and challenges Quida to a fight to prove her point that White girls are just as tough, if not tougher than Black girls.  Quida takes Andrea’s challenge as joke, which pisses Andrea off ever further, and before you know it, Andrea jumps Quida and begins beating her up.  Quida doesn’t take Andrea seriously until Andrea starts to really rough her up with chokeholds, and leg scissors.  Quida tries to fight back, but she is overpowered by Andrea, who puts on a wrestling clinic; punishing Quida with arm bars, figure four leg scissors, face slapping, and the dreaded camel clutch. 
Quida submits, but Andrea is not done with her, and further punishes Quida with face sitting and more sexy wrestling submission holds, until Quida is broken and admits that White girls are tougher than Black girls.  Andrea, being the sadistic bitch that she is, makes Quida worship her pretty White feet with kisses and foot licking to humiliate Quida even further while taunting Quida about her victory.  Eventually Quida starts to mouth off again, and Andrea responds by beating the living hell out of Quida with punches to the stomach and face, and knees to the stomach.  Only after Quida is begging for mercy does Andrea decide to put Quida out of her misery by sitting on her face and leg scissoring her until she is out cold.  After Andrea admires her handy work, she humiliates Quida by doing victory muscle poses while standing on Quida’s body and head before she walks off laughing.  Andrea Rosu was outstanding in this video.  I believe that this is the best video I have ever made, bar none!  I absolutely love this video, and I am sure you will too!    


Cat Fighting, Foot Worship, Face Sitting, Face Slapping, Interracial Domination, Lesbian Domination, Female Wrestling, Body Leg Scissors, Head Leg Scissors, Humiliation, Camel Clutch, Knees to the Stomach, Punches to the Face and Stomach, and Rear Naked Chokeholds.

If you would like to read more about the behind the scenes information about working with Goddess Andrea Rosu and Slave Quida together, please see my previous post.  I go into a lot of detail about how this videos came together, as well as commentary on my experience working with these girls.

New Video Preview

The next video I intend to release is a video I did with the super sexy AstroDomina and Slave Quida.  I shot this videos about two years ago when I went to a fetish convention in Las Vegas.  I actually managed to squeeze in two videos with her in the trade shoot that we did.  I am not sure what the video is going to be titled yet, because I like to pick out a name after I have watched the video a few times and it is completely edited.  I have been watching the content over the last few days to familiarize myself with what I had, to make it easier to edit.
As far as a name for the first video, I think that it will be titled something like Asian Home-Wrecker.  The plot of the first video is that, you guessed it, AstroDomina stole Quida's Black man.  In the video AstroDomina confronts Quida about refusing to move out of her man's house and accept the fact that her Black man, Jerome, prefers superior beautiful Asian women, and has kicked Quida out of the house to move in his new Asian girlfriend, AstroDomina.  Quida begs AstroDomina to allow her to stay in the home, because she has nowhere else to go.  And to make things worse, Quida is pregnant with Jerome's baby.  AstroDomina shows no empathy to Quida and insists that she packs her shit and get out, because Jerome is not her man anymore.  After listening to Quida's incessant pleading, AstroDomina agrees to allow Quida to stay, as long as she accepts the fact that AstroDomina comes first in Jerome life, and that Quida becomes AstroDomina's bitch, and do whatever AstroDomina tells her to do.  Which includes worshiping AstroDomina's perfectly fat Asian ass with kisses, and letting AstroDomina sit on Quida's ugly face until her heart's content.
Quida agrees and showers AstroDomina's ass with kisses while AstroDomina humiliates Quida by talking about how easy it is for an Asian woman to steal any Black woman's man.  When Quida begins to argue with AstroDomina and talk back, AstroDomina tells Quida to lay on the bed so she can sit her plump hot Asian ass on her ugly face.  After Quida obediently lays on the bed as instructed by her new master, BOY does AstroDomina sit on Quida's face!  AstroDomina sits full weight on Quida's face for LONG periods of time, apparently oblivious to the fact that Quida has to breath.  AstroDomina definitely pushed Quida to her face sitting limit.  She actually seemed to really enjoy sitting on Quida's face.

Miss Quida
During the face sitting AstroDomina made a comment that I found quite interesting.  While sitting on Quida's face, she said to Quida "If you think you are going to out bitch me, you are sadly mistaken; there is no fucking way that is going to happen, ok".  I found that comment very interesting, because it is something that AstroDomina came up with on her own, it wasn't really part of the script.  I took it as AstroDomina letting Quida know that she has no problem with smothering the shit out of her face, and that she is as sadistic of a bitch as they come.  As I mentioned before, Quida was pregnant at the time of this video shoot; but that did not seem to deter AstroDomina from punishing Quida's face with her ass, which I found extremely erotic.

While AstroDomina was sitting on Quida's face, she even role played that she could feel Quida's baby kicking her while she was sitting on Quida's face; and then said to the baby "You better stop kicking me, or I am going to smother your mother even more!"  WOW!!!  That is why I love working with Asian girls!  There is something about them that is more sadistic than other girls.  They seem to have the ability to not have empathy for the people that they are dominating, and seem to be indifferent to other peoples suffering.  Not to be racist, but I have witnessed many occasions where Asian people have shown pretty obvious signs of being un-empathetic to other people.  Don't get me wrong, I am not Asian bashing, because I like Asian people, and they can be very kind as well, just like anybody else.  But I think it is part of their culture to mind their own business and not to get involved in other peoples business, especially other nationalities.  At any rate; in my limited experience with working with other Asian girls, they seem to have the ability to be more sadistic when it comes to domination.

Now don't get me wrong, and think that I am saying that AstroDomina is a heartless bitch, because she is not.  She was very cordial and nice, and showed genuine concern for Quida's limits when we were not shooting.  But when those cameras rolled, all of that shit went out the window.  The comments that AstroDomina made were obviously not her real thoughts, but things that she comes up with to sell the fantasy of being a cold blooded bitch dominatrix.  Needless to say, the face sitting in this video alone will blow you away.  Not to toot my own horn, but this video has some of the best face sitting that I have seen, period!  I estimate that I should be releasing this video sometime in October.

If you can't wait to see this video with Astrodomina, and you need your fix of a hot and sadistic Asian girl dominating and humiliating a Black submissive girl, may I suggest that you check out our video "Asian Monkeysitter" starring the beautiful and sadistically cruel Goddess Miki and slave girl Miss Quida.  It's about Goddess Miki coming over to babysit Mistress Molly's slave Quida while she is away having an affair with Quida's husband on vacation.  Goddess Miki quickly puts the smack down on Quida and trains her to be a good and obedient slave while her master is away, in her own twisted way.  Click the title below to go directly to this video.
"Asian Monkeysitter"

  This video is a sequel our video "Honky Homewrecker" starring Mistress Molly and Miss Quida, where Mistress Molly stole Quida's husband away from her, and dominates and humiliates Miss Quida like a heartless bitch!  

Tip of the Day

For those of you who are interested in producing your own clips, I can share one piece of advise with you about your model selection.  Over the years I have noticed that smarter girls tend to have the ability to give me what I am looking for in a video shoot, compared to dumb girls struggle.  I think it is because they process what you are trying to explain to them better, and as a result are better at following directions.  Where as the ones that are not so intelligent seem to suffer from attention deficit disorder, and as a result, are not very good at following directions; which makes sense when you look at the job environment.  The people with the highest grades coming out of high school can get into the best colleges; and the people from the best colleges, with the highest grade point averages, get the highest paying and most prestigious jobs.  The point I am trying to make is that most Asians' are known to be pretty smart, just take a look at your local college campuses; therefore Asian models are good at following directions.  So when I ask them to be a complete heartless bitch during a video; that is exactly what they give me, to the letter.  If I had my way, most of my videos would star hot Asian girls, but unfortunately, they are difficult to find in this industry.  And the few that are in the industry, want an arm and a leg to do a video for us.  But I must say they are worth every penny from my experiences.

If you would like to learn more about AstroDomina you can visit her website by clicking here
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