Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Racial Humiliation Clip "Asian Home-Wrecker" Starring Astro Domina & Miss Quida

"Asian Home-Wrecker" Sample Clip

"Asian Home-Wrecker" Description

Starring Astro Domina and Slave Miss Quida.  Astro Domina has stolen Miss Quida’s husband Jerome from her, but Quida is still in the house and refuses to leave, even though Jerome has told her to pack her shit and get out.  Poor Miss Quida has nowhere to go, plus she is pregnant with Jerome’s baby to boot!  

After Astro Domina comes home and finds that Miss Quida is still there, she throws a fit, and starts racially humiliating Miss Quida with insults about how Jerome doesn’t want her anymore because Jerome prefers beautiful Asian girls over ugly Black girls.  And how Miss Quida has to pack her shit and get out!  Miss Quida pleads with Astro Domina to let her stay, but Astro Domina doesn’t give a fuck about Miss Quida’s situation and wants her gone, so she can have Jerome spoil her rotten in peace.  
"Asian Home-Wrecker"
After listening to Miss Quida’s incessant begging, Astro Dominia decides to let Miss Quida stay, only if she agrees to be Astro Domina’s bitch, and do whatever she says.  Having no choice, Miss Quida agrees to Astro Domina’s demands.  Astro Domina gives Miss Quida her first task, which is for Miss Quida to get down on her knees and worship her perfectly plumb Asian ass with kisses.  Miss Quida obediently does as she is told and immediately gets on her knees and showers Astro Domina’s fat ass with kisses.  Astro Domina begins to racially humiliate Miss Quida as she kisses her ass, by calling her a dumb monkey, ape and baboon, and telling her how Black girls are totally inferior to Asian girls, in every way.  

Eventually Miss Quida begins to talk back to Astro Domina by telling her that her relationship with her husband won’t last.  Miss Quida’s back talk pisses Astro Domina off, so she decides to punish Miss Quida by sitting her fat Asian ass on Miss Quida’s face.  After Quida is foolish enough to lie down, Astro Domina puts on a face-sitting clinic … sitting full weight on Quida’s face in multiple positions … with both forward and reverse face sitting.  While Astro Domina is sitting on Miss Quida’s face she racially humiliates her further by telling her how much she hates Niggers, and joking about how she could smother Miss Quida’s face until she passes out.  Astro Domina really smothers the shit out of Miss Quida to the point she is gasping for air on each little tiny break from Astro Domina’s perfect ass!  
"Asian Home-Wrecker"
This video has some of the best face sitting that I have ever seen … trust me!  After Astro Domina feels that she has sat on Miss Quida’s face long enough to prove her point about who’s in charge, Astro Domina starts running down Miss Quida’s list of new house chores while STILL sitting on her FACE!!!  Only after Astro Domina tells Miss Quida all her chores, does she finally get off of Miss Quida’s abused face.  Astro Domina even has the gall to order Quida to fix her something to eat before she leaves the room … CLASSIC!    

CLIP INCLUDES:  Racial Humiliation, Race Play, Black Racial Slurs, Asian Femdom, Black Submissive Girl, Interracial Domination, Ass Worship, Ass Kissing, Face Sitting, and Cuckold Fantasy.

Producer's Commentary

Asian Home-Wrecker was a dream come true to produce.  I am a huge fan of Astro Domina, mainly because I find Asian women extremely attractive and Astro Domina is as sexy as they come in my opinion.  I love everything about her, from her pretty Asian face, to her thick and sexy curvy body, to her plump and juicy booty, down to her thick and sexy legs, down to her perfectly pretty Asian feet.  I have a huge foot fetish, and in my opinion Asian women tend to have very pretty feet; and Astro Domina is no exception.  I was so enthralled by her beauty that during the shoot, I actually volunteered to be one of her submissives' in one of her videos that she was shooting that day.  Unfortunately, she declined my offer.  As a rule, I would never be in a video myself, but I wanted her to sit on my face, and suck her toes so bad, that I might have gone through with it, if she wanted me to.

I have to give props to Miss Quida as well.  She was a trooper, and did what was necessary to make this video come to life.  She took a great deal of face sitting from Astro Domina.  In fact this video probably has some of the best face sitting scenes of all my videos.  Astro Domina sat on Quida's face full weight, and for long periods of time.  When Astro Domina would finally get off of Miss Quida's face to let her breath, Miss Quida was gasping for air.  I also need to give her props for taking the racial humiliation in the video.  Astro Domina called her a Nigger, and referred to Miss Quida as a monkey, ape, and baboon in order to humiliate her.  Miss Quida took all of the abuse and humiliation like a champ!

This is my third video featuring an Asian Femdom, and without fail, I get messages from some people complaining that they would rather see a White woman dominating and racially humiliating a Black woman, instead of an Asian girl.  Personally, I find an Asian Femdom, just as enjoyable to watch as a White girl.  Maybe even a little bit more, because of the stark contrast in their stereotypes.  Asian girls appear to be very sweet and innocent looking, and passive; while Black girls are stereotyped to be loud, aggressive, with hostile attitudes.  The fact that the stereotypical innocent looking Asian girl dominating and humiliating the stereotypical hostile Black girl with an attitude increases the kink factor for me.

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The second video starring Astro Domina that I released is called "My Black Foot Bitch", which I shot with Astro Domina and Miss Quida on the same day, at the same shoot.  It is mainly a leg scissor and foot worship video.  Astro Domina plays the Femdom again with Miss Quida playing the submissive as usual.  The video starts out with Miss Quida sleeping on the bed, when Astro Domina comes in and rudely wakes Miss Quida up by shoving her foot into Miss Quida's face and demanding that Miss Quida suck her toes.  Miss Quida refuses, and tells Astro Domina to leave her alone.

"My Black Foot Bitch"
Big mistake, because Astro Domina doesn't take "No" for an answer, and demands that Miss Quida sucks her pretty Asian toes.  When Miss Quida still refuses to suck Astro Domina's toes, Astro Domina decides to make Miss Quida suck her toes by squeezing Miss Quida's head with leg scissors.  Astro Domina taunts Miss Quida about sucking her toes as she punishes her with her big  legs wrapped around Miss Quida's neck.  Astro Domina also racially humiliates Miss Quida while she squeezes her head.

Defiantly, Miss Quida still refuses to suck Astro Domina's toes, so Astro domina switches positions and locks Miss Quida's head in a reverse figure four leg lock, with Miss Quida's face pressed into Astro Dominos sexy fat ass.  After a while Miss Quida has no choice but to submit to Astro Domina's demands, and agrees to suck Astro Domina toes.  Miss Quida reluctantly begins to lick Astro Dimina's feet and suck her pretty toes.

While Astro Domina visibly enjoys Miss Quida's sucking on her toes, she makes fun of Miss Quida and racially humiliates her by calling Miss Quida her little toe sucking monkey.  After a while Miss Quida really gets into the toe sucking and begins to act as though she is really enjoying licking Astro Domina's feet; which was not be design... she was supposed to act like she wasn't enjoying it, and she was being forced to do it against her will, but Miss Quida is not the sharpest tool in the shed, so she did not fully contemplate the plot of the video... what can I say, good help is hard to find.  But overall, it turned out to be a great video in my opinion.

Upcoming Clip Releases

The next two videos I intend to release after Astro Domina's video "My Black Foot Bitch", which I described above, are starring White girl Whitney Morgan and Miss Quida.  Whitney Morgan is a long time porn and fetish model, who has done a tone of work in the fetish industry.  Because I filmed these videos about two years ago, and I haven't viewed them at all since the shoot, I don't recall the plots of the two videos... but they do have race play in them.  Whitney Morgan racially humiliated Quida in both videos, using racial slurs.  I also remember that there was some foot worship, pony play, and pussy eating included in one or both clips.  I also recall Whitney Morgan being a very impressive actress.  I am sure that when I am finished editing the clips, they will turn out great!

During the shoot with Whitney Morgan we did have some controversy.  She was aware that she would be dominating and racially humiliating a Black girl (Miss Quida), which she was fine with.  And that Miss Quida was supposed to eat her pussy and worship her feet.  And I believe I discussed some face sitting or some stool riding would be involved.  However, I failed to mention to Whitney Morgan that Miss Quida was a few months pregnant at the time, and that Miss Quida was showing.

Whitney Morgan just about freaked when she saw Miss Quida and her pregnant belly.  She was like, "You never told me that she was pregnant!!!"  She made a huge deal about it, and was ready to cancel the shoot, even though Miss Quida expressed to her that she was more than willing to do the video and the stunts involved.  She kept going on and on about Miss Quida being pregnant to the point that I didn't think she was going to do the video.

Finally, I had had enough of her bitching and told her, that if she didn't want to do the shoot then I would understand and she could leave.  I even offered her a $50 cancellation fee for showing up.  I think she was angling for more money to do the shoot, and when she saw that I wasn't biting, and was ready to cancel with her, she changed her tune and started being more agreeable about proceeding with the shoot, and we wound up shooting two videos.  However, she was very rude and disrespectful to me throughout the shoot... treating me like I was some sort of monster for having her do these things to a pregnant lady.

I know that it may sound a little cold blooded to dominate and racially humiliate a pregnant lady, but the way I looked at it, was that Miss Quida was well aware of what she would have to go through and was very willing to do it... mainly to get paid.  In no way did I twist her arm, or try to convince her to do the video.  She was completely on board... and even came to my defense about using her for the video, telling Whitney Morgan that I was a nice guy, and that I wasn't forcing her to do the video, which I wasn't.  So we shot the first video, and even though I felt a lot of hostility from Whitney Morgan, we got through it.

However, during the second video that we were going to shoot that day, I asked Whitney Morgan to try and sit down more on Miss Quida head during a stool riding scene, because she was obviously trying to not sit all the way down, which is a "no no" at Pudding Foot Video.  Whitney Morgan lost it, and started cursing me out, and saying that she was going to leave, and that I better pay her everything I had promised her, even though we had not finished the video script.  I swallowed my pride and pleaded with her to finish the script, because it was the last scene and we were almost done... and Miss Quida wasn't complaining.  Whitney continued to throw a tantrum and started packing her shit to leave.  Finally, as a sort of hail mary, I offered her an additional $100 additional to stay and finish the script.  All of a sudden she began to calm down, and reluctantly agreed to finish the script.

Hind site being 20/20 I think that she intentionally threw a tantrum near the end, when she had me between a rock and a hard place to squeeze more money out of me, since her beginning tantrum didn't work.  Hey, I had to do what I had to do, to finish the script.  I would rather pay an additional $100 to finish a my script than save $100 and have my vision incomplete... so I paid her.

Word to the wise, this is not the first time I have experienced a girl throwing tantrums, or threatening to not go though with a shoot in order to coerce me to pay additional money above and beyond the agreed upon amount.  Unfortunately, this is a tactic that some girls use in order to make more money.  Two other girls attempted this with me before, namely Goddess Miki, and Princess Daisy.  They both squeezed extra money out of me by threatening to cancel at the last minute, after everything was set up, and ready to go.  They know that in many cases a shoot requires much planning, effort, and sunken expenses, that cannot be recouped, if a shoot is cancelled literally at the the last minute... so they use this as leverage to their advantage.

The funny thing is that all the girls I mentioned were very experienced, ultra talented and skilled fetish models, so they really know the game... and use their experience and knowledge in unscrupulous ways to take advantage of people.  Princess Daisy literally threatened to cancel on me while driving to the shoot of "Obsessed Coon", unless I paid her $200 more than what we had originally agreed to... I paid it.  And Goddess Miki agreed to partner with me and split the profits from her shoot of "Asian Monkeysitter", to only demand that I pay her $400 on the front end as well, or she would cancel on me at the last minute.  I agreed to it, because I knew she was very well known in the fetish industry, and I had been dying to do a video with her.  She really fucked me good on that one, LOL!!!  These girls know they have the power to make us, or break us, and some use that to their advantage.  So if you are trying to be a producer, watch out for that shit.  It's a tough call, because, in the cases I mentioned, all of the videos turned out to be excellent, and well worth the extra money spent, but I just think it was shady how they went about it.
"Obsessed Coon"
So anyway, be on the lookout for my next two videos starring the super talented Whitney Morgan.  The bridges to working with Goddess Miki and Whitney Morgan have been burned, because of these incidents, and my ability to get along with them, so I don't think you will be seeing them in any other Pudding Foot Videos any time soon.  Both of these girls told me that they are going to tell everybody they know in the industry not to work with me, because I am an asshole, but I don't care.  In my opinion, they are both a little bit psycho, which is probably why they are so good at playing demented psycho bitches in domination videos.
"Asian Monkeysitter"
I actually spoke to another producer, that shall remain nameless, that worked with Goddess Miki, and he told me that she pulled the same shit on him.  I have been told by quite a few people in the industry that they are going to ruin me by telling other models not to work with me.  And I have been told that fetish models are a tightly knit group, and that word travels fast, and you can be easily black listed.  That may be true, but I think it just sounds dumb to tell someone that you are going to ruin them in the industry, because there are so many girls in the industry, coming and going each year, and they all can't be dialed in like that.  Unless there is some kind of asshole registry out there with my name on it, that I don't know about.  To be honest, a couple of girls have told me that they do not want to work with me because of something one of their fetish homegirls told them.  But I still find girls willing to work with me.  Hell, I don't mind using amateurs, which I do from time to time.  But what these idiots don't realize, is that I can always change my name and number when contacting new girls for video work and they will never be able to figure out who I am if there is some asshole producer list floating around out there... he he!

But really, I am not an asshole like some of these girls try to paint me to be.  I am actually a really nice guy, trying to create great content, using psycho bitches.  It comes with the territory.  I think one of the problems is that a lot of these girls with lots of experience run into a lot of perverts, and creeps that try to take advantage of them, so they develop a healthy distrust of men they shoot with, and nice guys like me, just trying to create a kinky content get stereotyped and unfairly judged for issues they had with other asshole producers.  In fact, there are a lot of guys out there that pretend to be porn producers in an effort to get laid, or their dicks sucked. I am not trying to do any of that stuff, I am truly just trying to make great Femdom fetish videos and get paid! 


Danny Sisko