Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Video "Evil Judo Bitches"

Starring Savannah Fox, Miss XI, and Slave Marcy.  Savannah Fox is a judo instructor, and Miss XI is her student.  Savannah tells Miss XI that the only way she is going to become a better judo fighter is if she has someone to practice her moves on, and beat up.  But they both know hiring sparring partners is very expensive.  So Savannah comes up with a brilliant idea of how they can get Miss XI a sparring partner for free, as well as Savannah a paying judo student at the same time.  The two girls plot to find someone they can give a free judo orientation class to, with sadistic hopes of convincing them to sign a binding contract for one years worth of judo lessons, with an injury clause that states that Savannah and Miss XI cannot be held liable for any of the new student’s injuries, no matter how much they beat them up.  Savannah’s only problem, is finding someone stupid enough to fall for it.
 Miss XI tells Savannah that she thinks she knows someone that is dumb enough to sign the contract, her ex co-worker Marcy.  Miss XI invites Marcy over for the free judo orientation, and the two girls try their best to make the lesson a very fun and exciting for Marcy.  After the orientation is over, Savannah and Miss XI easily convince Marcy to sign their binding judo lesson contract.  
Once the contract is signed, everything changes… Savannah and Miss XI now legally have someone to practice their judo on, and beat up.  The kid gloves come off, and Savannah and Miss XI begin to open up a can of WHOOP ASS on unsuspecting Marcy.  Savannah and Miss XI team up to beat the hell out of their new judo student with arm bars, leg scissors, face slapping, foot slapping, the camel clutch, choke holds, face sitting, as well as other judo holds. 
The two evil judo girls take great delight in double-teaming Marcy and practicing their judo moves while she screams for mercy.  The two evil judo girls even verbally humiliate and taunt Marcy while they dominate and humiliate her with forced foot and ass worship.  Savannah Fox and Miss XI push Slave Marcy’s limits in this video.  You will love the way these two girls take total control of their submissive victim.  This video is jam packed with hot and steamy lesbian domination scenes from beginning to end.  Trust me, if you are a fan of girl on girl domination and humiliation, YOU WILL LOVE THIS CLIP.  I dare you to say different!!!  This clip is a sampler of the full version that will be coming out soon.  Be sure to get that too!   

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