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"Kicking Black Ass" Sample Clip, and Blog Post

"Kicking Black Ass" Sample Clip

Starring Andrea Rosu and Miss Quida.  Miss Quida is visiting her best friend Andrea Rosu and they are sitting on the couch having girl talk when Quida makes a comment about Black girls being tougher than White girls.  Andrea, being a White girl, takes exception to Quida’s comment, and the two begin to argue about who is tougher, White girls, or Black girls.  Andrea begins to get very angry and challenges Quida to a fight to prove her point that White girls are just as tough, if not tougher than Black girls.  Quida takes Andrea’s challenge as joke, which pisses Andrea off even further, and before you know it, Andrea jumps Quida and begins beating her up.  Quida doesn’t take Andrea seriously until Andrea starts to really rough her up with chokeholds, and leg scissors.  Quida tries to fight back, but she is overpowered by Andrea, who puts on a wrestling clinic; punishing Quida with arm bars, figure four leg scissors, face slapping, and the dreaded camel clutch.  Quida submits, but Andrea is not done with her yet, and further punishes Quida with face sitting and more sexy wrestling submission holds, until Quida is broken and admits that White girls are tougher than Black girls.  Andrea, being the sadistic bitch that she is, makes Quida worship her pretty White feet with kisses and foot licking to humiliate Quida even further while taunting Quida about her victory.  Eventually Quida starts to mouth off again, and Andrea responds by beating the living hell out of Quida with punches to the stomach and face, and brutal knees to the stomach.  Only after Quida is begging for mercy does Andrea decide to put Quida out of her misery by sitting on her face and leg scissoring her until she is out cold.  After Andrea admires her handy work, she humiliates Quida by doing victory muscle poses while standing on top of Quida’s body, before she walks off laughing.  Andrea Rosu was outstanding in this video.  I believe that this is the best video I have ever made, bar none!  I absolutely love this video, and I am sure you will too!    


Cat Fighting, Foot Worship, Face Sitting, Face Slapping, Interracial Domination, Lesbian Domination, Female Wrestling, Body Leg Scissors, Head Leg Scissors, Humiliation, Camel Clutch, Knees to the Stomach, Punches to the Face and Stomach, and Rear Naked Chokeholds.

Producer's Commentary

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I have a ton of content to put out that you haven't even seen yet.  Right now I am content rich and cash poor, because I have two or three more videos to release that I have paid to produce, and I have gotten quit a bit of free content in the form of trade shoots and revenue sharing with some models, like Miss Quida.  Therefore, I am not in any hurry to film new content, especially if I have to pay for the models.  This is because I have more than enough content that I have to edit and release to last me until 2018.  That is a good feeling!  I remember when I could only dream about scrapping enough money together back in the day to do just a short lesbian face sitting video.  

In the beginning it was rough, because I had to film my content, without being sure how, or if I would get my money back.  And the money trickled in very slow at first.  But after I started perfecting my craft, and learning new marketing techniques, I have been scaling my sales to the point that I now have too much content.  Right now, the only way that I would film new content before I release what I already have, is if an opportunity of a lifetime fell in my lap.  Like some drop dead gorgeous girls came up to me and expressed an interest in sitting on girls faces in a video for a very cheap price.  Depending on how fat her ass is, I might have to jump on it.  The other scenario would be that if a fan wanted to order a custom video from me.  Because when I get a custom video order, the customer pays for the talent in the video; so all I have to do is recruit the appropriate girls, and organize everything, with no expense to me.  I do this because it is their fantasy that I am creating, not mine, some of the time.  So if it tanks in my clip store, at least it didn't cost me the model expense; which is the most expensive part of producing fetish videos.

I Love Goddess Andrea Rosu

I have been dying to do another video with Goddess Andrea Rosu, because she is so very HOT, and thick, with a big fat booty, and the face of an angel.  Plus she is a fantastic actress to boot.  I want to do an interracial video with her dominating and humiliating a Black girl like she did in "Slut Bride Domination 3"; and one of my favorites "Kicking Black Ass".  The only problem, is that she will not do hard core race play.  Although she did a little light race play in "Kicking Black Ass", it was not the hard core shit that you are used to from me.  However, it is still HOT to see her dominate a Black chick.  

If you have a vivid imagination like me, you can visualize some racial humiliation while watching the video.  It works great for me, because I can imagine her saying whatever I want her to say.  But anyway, given the fact that Andrea will not do race play, I would like to do a video where Andrea dominates and humiliates Miss Quida in some degrading way, and then making Miss Quida lick her fat juicy pussy while Andrea moans in delight as she verbally humiliates Miss Quida for her efforts.  It would probably end with Andrea sitting her fat juicy plump ass on Miss Quida's face while she face fucks Quida to hell, ending with her having a huge wet orgasm all over Miss Quida's innocent looking face, leaving her face drenched with Andreas sweet pussy nectar.  The best part is that both girls have already agreed to do the video.  Miss Quida has agreed to go down on Andrea, and Goddess Andrea has graciously agreed to allow Miss Quida the pleasure of licking her big fat juicy pussy to her hearts content.  Isn't she swell?

I URGE  you to watch the sample clip of "Kicking Black Ass" above, then go watch the full versions of Goddess Andrea Rosu's two videos that she did with us; "Kicking Black Ass" and "Slut Bride Domination 3", if you haven't had the pleasure already.  Once you see Andrea in action, you won't be able to live with yourself, if you don't try to help make this video come to reality.    It will be so HOT!  Miss Quida's young innocent face, being shoved into Goddess Andrea's big fat wet pussy, with Miss Quida licking every square inch of it up and down, with great passion and aggression.  All I need is a mere $1,000 to cover the model and miscellaneous expenses.  

So if you are somebody, that wants to see this happen, I urge you to reach out to me and pledge a donation of at least $100 towards this project.  In return, you will receive the very first copies of the video sent to you via email for no additional expense, as well as personally signed autographed pictures of the girls.  If you pledge $200, you will receive everything mentioned above, plus you will receive a genuine article of clothing worn by either Goddess Andrea Rosu, or Miss Quida, your choice.  For example either a worn gym sock, or a pair of her worn panties, with the scent of their foot or pussy aroma for you to sniff until your heart's content.  If you are interested in investing in this project, email me directly at with "Custom Clip" in the subject line.    

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