Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pudding Foot Video's Top 10 Clips Countdown List for Year 2015

Hello Fans, 

Year 2015 is over, and we are well on our way into year 2016.  Recently, I was reviewing my sales from last year, because I like to gain insight on how I can improve in the following year.  And I thought it would be fun to do a countdown of my top selling clips for year 2015.  As a fetish video consumer myself, I know it can be daunting, trying to pick out the best choice of video, with a sea of videos to choose from.  You are always worried about making the wrong choice, and spending your hard earned money on a dud video, that does nothing for you.  So I thought I would try to make your job a little easier, by doing a countdown of our top selling videos from year 2015.  The order is based purely on the dollar sales amount of each video, based on customer purchases.  So there is no bias at all; I am letting the numbers speak for themselves.  If you have seen any of these videos already, it would be nice to get some feedback on whether you agree with the order or not, by leaving a comment on the blog post.  I know that everybody's tastes are different, but I think the amount of sales will generally say which videos should rise to the top.  This by no means, means that number 10 on the list of 1 to 10 is not a fantastic clip,  It just means that number 1, might be a little more fantastic in the average customer's opinion.  Are you ready?  Here we go!


I guess there is just something about those thick girls.  Coming in at number one, at the top of our charts for year 2015, a little clip called "Kicking Black Ass" Starring Andrea Rosu and Miss Quida.  This clip burst onto the scene with a new Goddess named Andrea Rosu.  This chick has the body of a real life female comic book super hero, with a beautiful face, and acting that is off the charts.  Andrea did two videos for us which as you can see below, which came in at number one and number two in our racial humiliation clip countdown.  I can't say enough good things about this woman, she was amazing to work with, and as talent.  As you can see in the gif above, Andrea had no problem with taking complete and total control of poor Miss Quida.

The plot of the video is that Andrea and Quida are friends, and they are hanging out at Andrea's house, when Andrea brings up that she is going to be watching a mixed martial arts event on TV later.  Andrea invites Quida to stay and watch the event with her.  Quida, knowing nothing about mixed martial arts starts asking Andrea about the girls that were supposed to be fighting on the card.  When Quida finds out that the two girls that are going to be fighting are both White, she starts making jokes about how White girls can't fight, adding that Black girls are way tougher.  Being a White girl, Andrea is offended by Quida's comments that White girls can't fight, and the two begin to argue.  

Before long, Andrea challenges Miss Quida to a fight to prove that Whtie girls are just as tough, if not tougher than White girls.  Miss Quida accepts Andrea's challenge and before you know it, Andrea pounces on Miss Quida, and begins to deliver poor Miss Quida the beating of a lifetime.  Andrea completely schools Miss Quida with leg scissors, choke holds, face sitting, and the dreaded "camel clutch".  Eventually, Miss Quida succumbs to Andrea's abuse, and begins the plead for mercy.  Andrea only agrees to let up on Miss Quida if she agrees to admit that White girls are tougher than Black girls, and agrees to worship her stinky sweaty White feet with her tongue.  Miss Quida reluctantly agrees and begins sucking and licking Andreas stinky feet clean, while Andrea taunts Miss Quida about having her ass whooped by a little defenseless White girl.  

Once Andrea feels that Quida is broken and knows her place, she decides to dish out another ass whooping to poor Miss Quida to further prove her point.  Andrea abuses Miss Quida with punches to the face and stomach, and stiff knees to Miss Quida's belly.  Only when Andrea feels that she has completely destroyed her opponent, and stripped her of all her dignity, does she eventually leave Miss Quida alone to lick her wounds.  

If you are into interracial lesbian humiliation and domination, this clip is a MUST HAVE!!!.      


Coming in at number two is "Slut Bride Domination 3; Full Version", starring the amazingly thick and beautiful Andrea Rosu and Miss Quida.  This video is a sequel to two of our other great interracial lesbian domination videos "Slut Bride Domination" and "Slut Bride Domination II", starring Mistress Francheska, and the unbreakable stinky White foot licker, Miss Quida.  First of all, let me tell you that it was truly a dream com true to work with Andrea Rosu.  I discovered her on twitter, and was blown away by how gorgeous she was.  She had the face of an angel, and a very voluptuous body with voluptuous curves, and one of the juiciest fat asses that I have ever seen!  

I reached out to her, and was amazed that she agreed to do a video for me.  She made her own clips, so I purchased a couple to see how good of an actress she was.  I was overjoyed to see that she was a fantastic actress, with the ability to go pretty heavy on people.  She had a bunch of clips where she basically beat guys up and dominated them with wrestling moves like leg scissors.  She appeared to go pretty hard on them, and seemed to know her way around a wrestling mat, which I saw as a great sign.  She really seemed to enjoy her work, which was obvious by the job she did for me in our shoots together.  You can totally tell that she enjoys humiliating people.  And her acting ability was beyond reproach; very witty, and excellent at role playing.  The only downside was that she refused to do the Black racial humiliation that Pudding Foot Video is known for.  But that didn't stop her from humiliating and dominating the fuck out of Miss Quida in this video.  

The plot of the video was that Miss Quida was Andrea Rosu's slave, and it was Miss Quida's wedding day.  So Miss Quida had to ask her master Andrea for permission to attend her own wedding.  But of course, Andrea plays the part of a self centered, cruel, evil, sadistic bitch from hell, so she gives Miss Quida a hard time about finishing all of her chores beforehand, and meeting all of her selfish needs, before Miss Quida is allowed to leave to attend her wedding.  Andrea makes Miss Quida do menial housework in her wedding dress while she taunts her about having to miss her own wedding to do chores for her Master... even making Miss Quida pull weeds in the yard wearing her wedding dress.  Goddess Andrea took great satisfaction in ruining the most special day of Miss Quida's life.  After the chores are done, Goddess Andrea of course tramples Miss Quida in her wedding dress, and makes Miss Quida worship her stinky feet, oblivious to the fact that she is making Miss Quida late to her wedding ceremony.  This is followed by some face sitting, butt worship, and pony play.  Why not?  It's not like Miss Quida has something better to do.  LOL!  

The best part of the video for me is at the end, when Andrea is sitting on Miss Quida head, riding her head around the room on a rolling stool for some pony play fun.  While riding Miss Quida, Andrea informs Miss Quida that she can now finally go to her wedding, and also tells Miss Quida that she is going to go with her by riding her head to the wedding chapel.  Further, Andrea jokingly tells Miss Quida that she is going to have the best seat in the house; implying that she would still be sitting on Miss Quida's head during the wedding ceremony.  Priceless!!!  


Coming in at number three is "Obsessed Coon; Full Version", starring Goddess Daisy and Miss Quida.  This video was released on November 5, 2013, but still manages to stay near the top of our sales year over year.  I think the main reason is that Goddess Daisy is a smoking hot, thick, voluptuous White girl, with a big fat ass.  But not only is she hot, she is an amazing actress too.  This was a racial humiliation clip, and she did a fantastic job of playing a racist White bitch from hell.  She racially humiliated and dominated the fuck out of Miss Quida.  Goddess Daisy is another femdom who was so mean and dominant during the shoot, she made Miss Quida tear up a little bit.  It was the scene where she is sitting on Miss Quida, straddling her stomach, while slapping Miss Quida's face in an attempt to make Miss Quida not be so obsessed with wanting to eat her White pussy.  It didn't work, Miss Quida still begged Goddess Daisy for the pleasure of tasting her superior White pussy, which she more than earned.  The picture above depicts Goddess Daisy being pissed about Miss Quida begging to lick her pussy, and having the nerve of not knowing how to do it right.  

The plot of the video is that Goddess Daisy is at a pool party, and she notices that a Black girl keeps following her around like a puppy dog.  Goddess Daisy goes inside the house to get away from the Black girl (Miss Quida), but Miss Quida persistently follows her into the house.  Goddess Daisy confronts Miss Quida and finds out that Miss Quida was following her around because she has a huge crush on Goddess Daisy.  Goddess Daisy is disgusted by the idea, because she doesn't like Niggers.  But Miss Quida doesn't care, and she still wants to be with Goddess Daisy, and tells Goddess Daisy that she would do anything for the pleasure of eating her beautiful White pussy.  After listening to Miss Quida's begging and pleading for as long as she can stand, Goddess Daisy agrees to give Miss Quida what she wants, only if Miss Quida agrees to being dominated, humiliated, and abused by Goddess Daisy, before she is rewarded with the honor of eating Goddess Daisy's big fat juicy White pussy.  Miss Quida eagerly agrees, and Goddess Daisy torments Miss Quida with foot worship, face sitting, trampling, face slapping, and of course extreme racial humiliation.  This is a very hot clip, with a supreme White Sadistic Goddess, in Goddess Daisy.  A must see for all Black race play fans.     


My Wife Wants White Pussy; Full Version

Coming in at number four is "My Wife Wants White Pussy"; Full Version, Starring Mistress Anggie and Miss Quida.  Miss Quida plays a housewife who wants to explore her wild side.  Miss Quida wants to try eating pussy for the first time in her life, which she has always longed to do.  But not just any pussy, Miss Quida desperately wants some White pussy.  So much so, that she calls an escort service and request that they send a White escort over to her.  Before long there is a knock at the door, and when Miss Quida answers it, she finds a very slutty White street whore (Anggie) from the escort service she called.  Before long Miss Quida gets more than she bargained for, because Anggie is a nymphomaniac that is a totally wild freak!!  Once the negotiating is done and Miss Quida pays Anggie for her services in advance, Anggie jumps on top of Miss Quida, and starts face fucking the shit out of her.  

This video turned out better than I thought it would, because Mistress Anggie was a natural.  This was the first video that she had ever done, but she handled it like a pro, taking full control of Miss Quida, and doing a superb acting job of playing a nasty sex-crazed, demanding street whore bitch from hell.  You will love the contrast of Miss Quida playing an innocent housewife and Mistress Anggie playing a ratchet money hungry street whore, who takes ALL of the innocence away from this suburban cookie cutting housewife.  

You would never know that these two girls are actually good friends in real life.  They even share the same baby daddy.  Both of them actually have kids by the same dude.  This video is ghetto-fabulous!!!  FYI, for fun, we flipped this video, by reversing the roles, and had Mistress Anggie playing the housewife, and Miss Quida playing the street whore in "My Wife Wants Black Pussy"; another excellent video in my humble opinion.   


Asian Monkeysitter; Full Version

Coming in at number five in our countdown is "Asian Monkeysitter; Full Version".  Starring Goddess Miki and Miss Quida.  This clip is definitely one of my favorites, because it is my first video with an Asian femdom.  But Goddess Miki is not just any Asian femdom... she is probably one of the most talented and sadistic femdoms that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  She truly couldn't care less about the suffering she inflicts on her submissives, which is very obvious in this video.  This video is actually a sequel to our #6 video, "Honky Home-Wrecker".  

The plot is that Mistress Molly, who has stolen Miss Quida's husband, and made Miss Quida her Nigger bitch, has went on vacation with Miss Quida's husband.  So Goddess Miki, as a favor to Mistress Molly, decides to look in on Miss Quida to make sure that she is not up to any monkey business while her master Mistress Molly is away on vacation with Miss Quida's man.  She finds Miss Quida roaming around the house goofing off, and decides to do Mistress Molly a favor and discipline Miss Quida while Mistress Molly is away.  Goddess Miki takes complete control of Miss Quida like only she can do, and makes Miss Quida worship her stinky Asian feet, while racially humiliating her, and slapping her face at the same time.  She also sits, and even stands on Miss Quida's face to show her who's boss.

The behind the scenes hotness of this video is that I didn't even ask Goddess Miki to slap Miss Quida, or stand on her face.  She did it solely because she enjoys doing that to people.  Sure, I asked her to stand on Miss Quida's head, but she took it a step further and stood on her face with reckless abandon.  And she obviously couldn't care less if Miss Quida approved of it, or not.  HOT! HOT!! HOT!!!  Goddess Miki abused poor Miss Quida's face so much, that Miss Quida actually started crying and had to leave the room to compose herself.  When Miss Quida walked out, I was actually expecting Goddess Miki to be at least a little bit remorseful... boy was I wrong... by her reaction, she obviously couldn't care less.  Which I found disturbing, and yet erotic at the same time.  If you are in need of a femdom that will actually enjoy putting you into subspace, give Goddess Miki a call.  I assure you, that you won't be disappointed.

Goddess Miki's creative verbal humiliation is off the charts as well.  She pushed Miss Quida to her limit both physically, as well as mentally; but Miss Quida to her credit, hung in there like a trooper.  The video ends with Goddess Miki humiliating Miss Quida by feeding her a bowl of grits with her feet while she racially humiliates her for being a big dumb ugly gorilla.  

Lastly, Goddess Miki is Vietnamese; so even though she speaks perfect english, I thought it would be hot if she spoke in a thick Vietnamese FOB (Fresh of the Boat) accent in the video to accentuate the contrast in their nationalities, for this race play video.  Again, Goddess Miki pulled this off perfectly.  You would never know that she spoke perfect english, by her performance.  Fantastic video, and I hope I will have the pleasure of working with Goddess Miki again in the future.         


Honky Home-Wrecker: Full Version

Starring Mistress Molly and Miss Quida.  This fabulous clip was first released on May 2, 2014 and is a huge fan favorite.  Mistress Molly plays the part of Miss Quida's best friend who is cold blooded enough to steal Miss Quida's Black husband away from her.  

The clip starts out with Molly butt naked on top of Quida's husband Marcus making out, when suddenly Quida enters the bedroom appalled in seeing her best friend Molly in the heat of passion with her husband.  Quida confronts her friend Molly about having an affair with her husband, and Molly coldly tells Quida that her husband Marcus doesn't want a Nigger ass bitch anymore, because he prefers White women like her.  Quida pleads with Molly to not take her man away from her, but Molly is a cold hearted bitch, and couldn't care less about Quida's feelings, or their so-called friendship.  

Molly even goes so far as to rub salt in the wound by taunting Quida about how easy it was to take her man because White women are so much more superior than Black girls, and that every Black man really wants a beautiful White woman instead of an ugly ape like her.  Quida is heartbroken and betrayed, and what's worse, is that Molly informs Quida that Marcus is her man now, and that Quida has to pack her shit and move out, because Molly wants Marcus all to herself without Quida's interference, so she can have Marcus spoil her rotten in peace.  But Quida has no place else to go, and begins to plead with Molly to allow her to stay in the home.  Molly reluctantly agrees to allow Quida to stay, only if Quida agrees to be her bitch, and do whatever she tells her to do, and agrees to be Molly's Nigger slave.  

Having no choice, Quida agrees, and is made to do all sorts of humiliating and degrading things to please her new master Molly; like lick Molly's pussy, worship her feet, be her pony girl, and let Molly sit on her face whenever she wants to.  The ultimate humiliation that Quida endures is having Molly smash up the wedding anniversary cake that Quida bought to celebrate her and her husband's wedding anniversary with her feet, and making Quida lick her feet clean.  Molly does a great job of racially humiliating Quida with Black racial slurs and stereotypes while firmly dominating Quida.  

Many customers have told me that they love Mistress Molly because she has that innocent girl next door look, with a bratty entitled attitude.  A little known fact about Mistress Molly is that she was a stripper when I discovered her, and this was the second clip that she had ever done.  Her first clip was "Why Black Men Prefer White Girls" which is also in our clip store as well.  

Spoiler alert... Mistress Molly is not really racist against Black people, because she actually has a Black boyfriend, who actually played the Black husband Marcus; and they just recently had a baby together, which is why she is actually retired now.  However, you will be interested to know that before the shoot, Mistress Molly shared with me that she did like the fact that she would be dominating a Black chick, because she says that a lot of Black girls give her attitude for dating a Black guy.  

What turned me on most was after the shoot, when all was said and done, she told me that she wished she could have slapped Miss Quida's face during the shoot, because she would have enjoyed that.  I told her that she should have, because that would have made the video even hotter.  Maybe a little get back, for all the sisters that have talked shit to her for dating a brother.  Oh well, maybe next time, if she ever decides to come out of retirement.  The girl has a little bit of a mean streak that comes though loud and clear in the video.  She showed little to no compassion for poor old Miss Quida during the shoot.       


Starring the oh so sexy and talented Goddess Cheyenne Jewel and Miss Quida.  This clip was originally released in May of 2014.  Miss Quida was pregnant at the time, but still wanted to do some video work.  So we put her to work on Cheyenne Jewels sweet White pussy.  We decided to use the fact that Quida was pregnant as part of the plot, as the title suggests.  Miss Quida's family is throwing her a baby shower, but before she can attend, she has to seek permission to attend from her White master Goddess Cheyenne Jewel, who of course plays the part of a racist, self centered, narcissist, bitch from hell, who believes that the whole world revolves around her needs and wants.  Goddess Cheyenne gives Miss Quida a hard time about her chores being done before she can go to the baby shower.  When Miss Quida assures Goddess Cheyenne that all of her chores have been completed, Goddess Cheyenne tells her slave Miss Quida, that she has to pleasure her before she is allowed to go to her baby shower; namely by worshipping her stinky White feet, and of course licking the lining out of her sweet juicy White pussy before she is allowed to leave.  

While Miss Quida is eating her pussy, Goddess Cheyenne racially humiliates Quida with racial slurs and stereotypes, and belittles Miss Quida for trying to place her irrelevant needs above her own.  Goddess Cheyenne even tells Miss Quida that she is going to get first pick of any good presents Miss Quida receives from her Nigger family.  Goddess Cheyenne came up with on her own... which I thought was brilliant!  Goddess Cheyenne is a true ninja in the art of humiliation, which comes across loud and clear in this clip.  If you are into race play, you will be so turned on by all the racial humiliation delivered, that only Cheyenne Jewel can convincingly dish out.  She did such a great job, I was wondering if the bitch really was racist.  An interesting side note on putting this clip together is that when discussing the content with Goddess Cheyenne, she told me that she wanted Miss Quida to know if Miss Quida licked ass, so she could get some good ass licking content.  She knew about Miss Quida being pregnant, but was not put off by it at all.  That instant, I got hard, and I knew I was on the phone with a TRUE GODDESS!!!  But unfortunately, I has to inform her that Miss Quida regretfully did not lick ass, despite how much I begged and pleaded with her to do it.           


Starring Miss Quida and slave girl Anggie.  This clip was first released on March 24, 2015.  This clip was ground breaking for us, because it was our first reverse race play video with a Black Femdom dominating a White girl for a change.  Also, this video was Miss Quida's first chance at playing the part of a dominatrix.  Miss Quida did a very good job, playing this role.  It convinced me that Miss Quida is capable of playing the dominant role.  My only criticism of Miss Quida in this video is that she came across as a little too proper and White washed.  I tried to direct her in playing the role of a ghetto ass Black bitch with an attitude, but she came across as a little too wholesome and proper.  However, there were a few scenes where she did a pretty good job of getting ghetto with it.  

Slave Anggie did a great job too, she is an excellent natural actress, that can play any role with ease.  Plus, she likes eating pussy, so she ate the fuck out of Miss Quida's sweet Black pussy.  You can easily tell that while Anggie was eating Miss Quida's pussy, she was really enjoying that shit.  For those of you that enjoyed this clip, I will definitely be producing more clips with Miss Quida in a dominant role.  There appears to be a pretty good demand for Whites being racially humiliated by Blacks out there as well.  Well, I am all about fairness, so if fans want to see this Black Femdom on White submissive dynamic, and I can make some good coin in sales at the same time; Why not?  

Although I prefer to see White women dominating and humiliating Black woman, I must admit that this video still pitched my tent for sure.  The plot of this clip is about a square White housewife, who is a closet lesbian, wanting the chance to try her hand at eating pussy, but not just any pussy, this suburban White housewife wants to eat some sweet Black pussy!  The housewife decides to call an escort agency and specifically requests a Black female escort to be sent out to her.  Once the Black prostitute (Miss Quida) arrives, she is more than happy to oblige the White housewife by stuffing her sweet innocent face with her big, fat, and juicy, Black ghetto pussy.  


This clip was first released October 9, 2015 and still managed to make the top ten of all our clips sold in year 2015, even though it only had less than three months to work its sales magic.  That is a testament to one, the popularity of the featured dominatrix Astro Domina, and the pure hotness of this clip.  This clip stars the Amazingly sexy Asian Femdom, Astro Domina; and our favorite Black submissive slave girl, Miss Quida, who was fantastic in her own right; mainly for taking Astro Domina's fat juicy Asian ass sitting on her face for extended periods of time.  Astro Domina really pushed Miss Quida's limits in this clip with her very dominant and sadistic face sitting.  During this clip Miss Quida kinda back talked Miss Astro Domina a little bit to much, and I think she might have pissed Miss Astro Domina off a little bit.  I say this because there were times in this clip she seemed to really relish in Miss Quida's face getting smashed in by her perfect Asian ass.  Either that, of Astro Domina just LOVES sitting on people's faces.   

The video is called "Asian Home-Wrecker", because the plot is that Astro Domina stole Miss Quida's man, and wrecked Miss Quida's home.  Basically, Astro Domina confronts Miss Quida for still living in her husband's house, because Miss Quida's husband Jerome is now Astro Domina's man, because Jerome hopped and left Miss Quida, because he is extremely attracted to Asian women.  Astro Domina Basically tells Miss Quida to pack her shit and leave, because Jerome is her man now.  But Miss Quida has nowhere to go; so Astro Domina graciously allows Miss Quida to stay, if she agrees to be Astro Domina's bitch, and do whatever she says.  With no other choice, Miss Quida agrees.  Astro Domina dominates and humiliates Miss Quida by making her worship her PHAT Asian ass to convince Astro Domina to allow Miss Quida stay in the house.  

Astro Domina makes Miss Quida shower her fat ass with kisses, after which she delivers some pretty brutal facesitting to Miss Quida in order to prove her dominance and superiority over Jerome's ugly ass wife Miss Quida.  Astro Domina even racially humiliates Quida by calling her an ugly ape, monkey, and baboon, along with other racial slurs, while she taunts Miss Quida about how easy it was to steal her man. Goddess Astro Domina total makes Miss Quida her bitch in this epic lesbian humiliation clip.  


This video was first released on October 12, 2012.  It stars Mistress Francheska and Slave Coco.  Mistress Francheska plays a racist White cop who violates and harasses an innocent Black woman, and accuses her of a crime she did not commit.  Slave Coco is forced to do all sorts of degrading and humiliating things for Officer Francheska, in order to convince Officer Francheska not to frame her, and take her to jail.  After Officer Francheska forces Coco to lick her feet, pussy, and ass, Officer Francheska still cruelly slaps the cuffs on Coco and hauls her off to jail.  Mistress Francheska is a fabulous talent, with a truly real sadistic side.  She never disappointed when I called on her to do a video.  She truly enjoys making people suffer under her domination, as you will see in this video.  Considering this is one of my oldest videos, it is a testimate to it's quality, that it still remains in the top 10 in year 2015 even though it was released almost three years ago.