Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Video "Obsessed Coon 2"


"Obsessed Coon 2"

Miss Whitney Morgan is a nurse in the maternity ward, and one of her patients (Miss Quida) is there for a checkup on her pregnancy.  While Nurse Whitney is checking Miss Quida’s vitals, she notices that her Black patient Miss Quida is looking her up and down like a tasty pork chop, and constantly flirting with her.  After Nurse Whitney realizes that Miss Quida is coming onto her, she confronts Miss Quida about her lustful behavior, and scolds her for being inappropriate.  Miss Quida then decides to bare all, and tell her White nurse, that she finds her extremely attractive, and cant help coming onto her.

Miss Quida starts complementing Nurse Whitney on her beautiful White features, and confessing to Nurse Whitney that she knows that White women are superior to Black women, and pleads with Nurse Whitney to allow her to worship her beautiful White body, and porcelain skin.  Nurse Whitey is put off by Miss Quida’s advances and tries her best to reject her, but Miss Quida is persistent, and overcomes Nurse Whitney’s objections.  Nurse Whitney eventually gives in to Miss Quida’s begging and allows her to worship her beautiful White feet.  Miss Quida kisses, licks and sucks nurse Whitney’s White toes like a delicious desert while nurse Whitney watches in amazement.

Miss Quida is turned on by being racially humiliated, so she asks nurse Whitney to call her a dirty N*gger and talk about how superior white women are to her while she worships her feet.  Before long Miss Quida is begging Nurse Whitney to sit her White ass on her face, which nurse Whitney does.  By this point, Nurse Whitney is enjoying being worshiped and adored by her N*gger patient.

Eventually Miss Quida asks Nurse Whitney if she can taste her White pussy, and before long Miss Quida’s face is buried in Nurse Whitney’s White pussy.  Nurse Whitney is in ecstasy as Miss Quida’s licks all of her precious white pussy nectar.  Abiding by Miss Quida’s wishes, Nurse Whitey racially humiliates Quida as she gets off by face fucking her Black female admirer in multiple positions, like missionary, and sitting on her face in both the forward and backward positions.  Once nurse Whitney’s pussy is thoroughly satisfied she has to fight off Miss Quida’s constant advances so she can leave to make her other rounds.  This video is sizzling HOT!!! 

BONUS: At the end of this video, you get to see a preview of our prequel video “Obsessed Coon”.  Enjoy!      


"Obsessed Coon"

If you like "Obsessed Coon 2", make sure you check out the original "Obsessed Coon".

"Obsessed Coon" Video Description: 

Starring Princess Daisy and Slave Quida. WARNING: This video contains racial humiliation and racial slurs, for those that are into race play fetish. If you are offended by such content, do not view this video. 

Princess Daisy is at a pool party and she is being stalked by a Black girl (Slave Quida). Princess Daisy is approached by Quida who claims to be in love with her because she is a beautiful White girl. Quida is obsessed with Princess Daisy and says that she will do anything to be with her. Princess Daisy is disgusted by Quida’s advances because she doesn’t like Black people, but no matter what she does or says, Quida continues to come on to her. 

After Princess Daisy sees that the Black girl won’t give up, she agrees to give Quida what she wants, and let Quida eat her pussy, if she can take the physical abuse and racial humiliation that Princess Daisy loves to dish out. Princess Daisy racially humiliates Slave Quida for being a stupid, ugly, and disgusting Nigg3r as she dominates her. Princess Daisy first tramples Quida and makes her worship her beautiful white feet with toe sucking, sole licking, and making Quida kiss her feet. She then makes Quida lay on the floor and subjects her to long periods of full weight face sitting; smothering Quida with her beautiful fat White ass. Quida takes the face sitting punishment in hopes of pleasing her White Goddess.

After Princess Daisy sees that Quida won't give up, she gets angry and slaps Quida’s face continuously in hopes of making the Black girl give up on her quest to eat Princess Daisy’s delicious White pussy. When Princess Daisy sees that Quida won’t give up she finally agrees to let Quida eat her pussy. But before Princess Daisy gives Quida the privilege of eating her pure White pussy, she subjects her to more humiliation by making Quida beg for it, while making her kiss Princess Daisy’s pretty feet and ass. 

After Princess Daisy’s feet and ass are showered with kisses to her satisfaction, she allows Quida to lick her juicy pussy, but Princess Daisy becomes very angry because of Quida’s inability to lick pussy to her satisfaction. Princess Daisy decides to punish Quida for her half ass pussy licking by wrestling her to the floor and putting Quida in a painful wrestling hold called the “Camel Clutch”. Once Princess Daisy sees that she gotten her point across, she allows Quida to resume licking her pussy; but this time Princess Daisy wants to control the pussy licking by sitting on Quida’s face. Princess Daisy rides Quida’s face, and face fucks her until she arrives to a climatic orgasm. 

Princess Daisy mercilessly berates and racially humiliates Quida throughout the whole video talking very badly about Black people. But Quida happily takes all of Princess Daisy’s abuse in hopes of pleasing her White Goddess. This video is smoking HOT, and a must see for all race play, and lesbian domination fans. 

CLIP INCLUDES: Racial Humiliation, Racial Slurs, Foot Worship, Toe Sucking, Sole Licking, Foot Gagging, Foot Kissing, Trampling, Face Slapping, Face Sitting, Ass Kissing, Stomach Sitting, Pussy Eating, Wrestling, Choking, and the Camel Clutch.


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